When This Happens, Don’t Start Your Car

When This Happens, Don’t Start Your Car

rev up your engines today I’m gonna show
you how to fix two common problems on this Toyota pickup truck now this was towed over to my house for one main reason the starter won’t stop starting
they had to take the battery cable off see what happens when we put it back on
it won’t stop cranking now she tried starting the truck and when she did the
truck started but the starter wouldn’t stop cranky 99% of the time that’s just
the starter shorting out internally it just keeps sending power and it keeps
spinning so in this case we’re just going to change the starter now the
first thing you do is disconnect the battery cable so you don’t short
anything out but it’s already disconnected so for crawl under the
counter unbolt it as you can see here this is threaded so the bolts are gonna
be on the inside and ball towards the back well go on there and there’s the
starter we’ll just take the bolts off and then on both the sides to pull it
off we take the two bolts are holding it in it’s all got an extension on this one
it’s hard to get to he’s not a little working run out there but way inside up
in here you can see that bolt head right up in the top so I have to remove the
two bolts on the line we just slap one of these starters then bolt it on it’s a
lot easier putting them in than it is taking enough especially when they’re 24
years old then we put the battery cable back on close the hood and see what
happens and that sucks off your vehicle starter keep spinning I won’t turn off
now you know how to fix it yourself yeah you might get a little dirty and
sweaty got think of the money you’re saving, so if you never want to miss
another one of my new car repair videos remember to ring that Bell

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  • Toyota and Honda Merger: https://youtu.be/Dzc96iQuGHg

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  • For the continuous starter thing, wouldn't that just be a stuck solenoid? It's quite a lot easier to replace that the whole starter and the starter motor is clearly cranking just fine.

  • This happened to me when I was19 on my 1986 dodge D100 with the slant 6. It freaked me out At first! I thought my truck was haunted! At least that starter is the easiest starter in the world to replace!

  • My stepdad works at Advanced Auto parts, told me that a guy came in asking for “starter fluid” to make his starter work. Not a joke

  • Hey Scotty I'm in the market for a car/truck that can tow a 6×10 trailer loaded with motorcycles (weight about 3500lbs) for $2500-$3500. Got any advice?

  • Scotty I bought a 2007 Dodge ram 1500 with 95000 paid under $8000. Do you think it was a good buy and what do you suggest for maintenance?

  • Thats call reliability and quality design on 30 year old Toyota only starter after so many years, thats piece of machinery not like those GM junk yards hahahahaha, keep up in great work,Scotty!!!

  • Wow!! Thank you for all your hard work in making the videos you upload!!
    For how tight of a place that was for unbolting the starter, is another reason I'd rather stay away from mechanic work! But yes, I do agree, when I can save that kind of money, I'll do it…

  • I could never convince my wife (EX wife) that all those grease and grime and sweat stains, and scrapes and bruises, were badges of courage!

  • Scotty found one the few toyota t100 still around these things are rare nowadays. This one looks to be an I-4 some of the v6 were known for blowing head gaskets.

  • I just paid to have a starter replaced that did not spin or move back and forth, which was just under 300 dollars for the unit, labor not included. O'reilys quoted the price around $200 dollars but i guess you cant win em all👍

  • Just put in a refurbished starter in my 1970 Ford Maverick, had a devil of a time getting a couple of bolts off, but as you said much easier putting one back in 🙂

  • Changing the starter on my 94 F250HD the head of one starter bolt broke off as I tried doing it outside in +5f temperature. I couldn’t get it off but I got the other bolt off. I had to put a vise grip over the side with the broken bolt. That truck had the ZF HD 5 speed. It needed a clutch slave and I sold it for $500 after I was diagnosed with Lyme disease. I sure miss that truck.

  • I have had the same problem in my Jeep, and it is the RELAY next to the fuses. That is because when these relays overheat they sometimes stick or not work at all. On the Toyota shown that is a solenoid problem as they do not have as many relay problems as the more modern vehicles. If the headlights are not working and it is not the bulb it is a relay under the dash.

  • my car did the same damn thing, but after taking the battery cable off, I hit the starter with a rubber hammer and got the motor started again without the starter motor continuing to run. and got it home. thank god for that. 110 bucks later, she runs like a top.

  • I got a 91 Toyota pickup with 22re. Truck is so realizable when you turn the key it’s like the engine doesn’t even turn a complete revolution before it starts. Well built pickup truck

  • If this happens on a car with an external starter solenoid you usually replace the solenoid instead of the starter. Some of the 90’s Fords with the 5 liter engines have them. Same thing happened on my 90 Mustang twice but it was the solenoid.

  • it happened to me on my 2000 ranger in the middle of Wisconsin heading back to chicago , then i got my tools and apparently the main cable on the solenoid got loose and was touching the starter making it go nonstop a few mins later and some electrical tape i was back on the road

  • 45+ years of working on cars and I've never seen a starter that wouldn't stop starting. I don't know how many burned out starters and stuck open solenoids I've replaced over the years, but this is a new one on me…. Thanks for coming up with something I haven't seen yet.

  • Literally encountered this today on a 2017 Toyota Corolla. The customer even drove it all the way to our shop with the starter engaged on. It did stop when I tapped the starter. Warranty approved the replacement unit.

  • Just recently changed the starter on my 2003 Santa Fe….I couldn't believe how simple it was to do. It also makes me a bit proud to accomplish something like that. Thanks Scotty!

  • Scotty, I have a 2006 Volkswagen Jetta 2.0T and it doesn't wanna start when I fuel it up. It start Everytime except when I fuel it, was happening. I leave it on when I fuel so it doesn't turn off

  • OK, so there's this grinding noise my 2010 Corolla has been making upon start up that is very brief but sounds awful. I went online and the consensus is it's the cam timing actuator having to get oiled up on start up and the cam gear is grinding. That was a legit thing that happened on the Ford this car replaced, so I just assumed the same with this.

    But one day I did something I haven't done in decades, I accidentally turned the key to start while the engine was running, and the grinding noise was the EXACT sound I hear once in a while.

    I'm now convinced the starter is hanging up for a second.

    Reason I say this is this is so common with these Toyotas that Toyota actually put out a TSB and replaced the cam gear, which never rectified the "problem" for people. I'm thinking even Toyota was wrong on this one and looked in the wrong direction. They should have looked into these starters to see if there's a flaw in the design.

  • You make everything look so easy Scotty, that's because you know what you are doing and have the proper tools. I just wish I could find an honest mechanic like you in my area. I always feel like I'm being ripped off being an old single lady. Thank God I have a 18 year-old Camry that only has 64K on it and I am the original owner. Only thing I've ever done is oil changes and replacing some old hoses and tires, except changing the timing belt when it was around 60K. I've always had Toyotas and they have all been great cars.

  • This is exactly what happened to my Toyota solaras oringal starter when it hit 288k miles I put I new one in 7K miles later it's still going strong

  • Scotty on a Toyota with a hard to get to bolt: "Work a little bit and there it comes."

    Scotty on any other car with a hard to get to bolt: "This thing is an endless money pit and should be junked!"

  • Same thing happened to my 95 Tacoma. I had to carry a long metal rod so I could hit the side of the starter when it happened. I took the starter switch apart and found the contacts would weld themselves together. I was able to find just a switch assembly, avoiding replacing the whole starter.

  • I'd just replace the solenoid or better yet take the solenoid apart and smooth the burnt contacts out that are causing it to stick. Of course that would be if it was my car, the labor would probably cost as much as putting a new starter in the customers car.

  • Don't you mean the solenoid is jammed? Not shorting, smack it on side of solenoid with something hard, without hitting the bakelite & terminals. Love the planetary geared starter motors, they work great.

  • Oh God. That's my (new, old) engine. Should have changed the fuel filter while you were in there. It's under the intake manifold, and the "easiest" way to get to it is to remove the starter. It's a nightmare, and it was purposeful. The V6 has the filter under the driver's door in the same vehicle.

  • Thanks for the Video…..That happened to my Wife's old car….No tools, it killed the Battery and the Starter burned up. It was a relay that got stuck. Expensive in the end.

  • Every time I lift the hood on my car I think of the money I'm saving!! Changed the oil in both cars today. Full synthetic purchased at discount stores, nearly free filters, paid $25 per car. Would have cost $88 without a deal on the oil change.

  • Thanks to Scotty and others on YouTube, I’ve begun doing more vehicle maintenance myself. Just finished replacing brake pads and brake fluid on my truck. I also have one of those endless money pit cars and the maintenance system is saying it needs brake fluid service. Well guess who knows how to do that job now?

  • Good thing I watched this. Never knew that could happen. I would have assumed the vehicle was possessed and called a priest not a mechanic.

  • Way easier putting them in then taking them out. Especially when there 24 years old. Lol none that sound right.

  • Ha, I wonder if my old (2000) GMC Jimmy had a version of this starter problem; every time I re-connected the battery cable the starter cranked about 4-5 times. Never bothered fixing it, it was just part of the truck’s “personality” to me 😂

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