The Last Car Made Before Nissan Became Crap

The Last Car Made Before Nissan Became Crap

rev up your engines today I’m going to
talk about one of the last really good cars that Nissan May 2001 Nissan Sentra
se-r this car was made before Renault started runing Nissan yeah they had
bought the company but they hadn’t really changed anything
yeah and in this case the SE R stands for more than just putting these redline
bucket racing seats it’s not what was under the hood SE R had a special engine in it for 15 grand to get over 200 horsepower made it to a 6-speed standard
transmission this baby is quick been a relatively small car to get off the line
and because they’re four-door so you can put a few people in it now yeah time has
been kind of this car Nissan paint jobs weren’t so hot back in the day but this
baby got one hundred and fifty two thousand miles on it it’s still going
strong and you have to add in the fact that the customer who owns this drives
like a maniac he’s keeping this as a toy because he just bought a brand new Civic
type-r he was thinking about replacing this
with a nissan or infiniti till I talked him out of it and said the way you drive
get a Civic type-r he loves the car he’ll probably have it the decades like
he’s had this thing but back in the day this 2001 was a deal for that price
decent suspension solid six-speed tranny and a four-cylinder engine that’s still
got good gas mileage if you didn’t drive like a maniac the centerpiece of this
car the engine doesn’t have one of those flimsy rubber timing belts like a lot of
cars did back in those days it’s got a timing chain their get up will as you can see here this has got the brace so you don’t get any body flex when you’re cornering
let’s face it if you saw this thing today
going down a road looking like this Nissan Sentra you know I think oh what a
clunker till it goes blowing by you it still has get up and go this car bypassing Nissan’s horrendous 4-cylinder automatic transmissions those jatco Junkers in
favor of a standard that’s extremely reliable and the 2.5 liter 4 cylinder
engine they didn’t have head gasket problems like all the modern centers
have realize that historically Nissan’s been a good engine building company they make the first real reliable zippy sports cars the two forties the two
sixties it’s a shame that they merged with Renault and started to make a bunch
of crap I got customers with modern sentra and altimas are horrible car
as they age I mean you can buy one brand new them to put 50-60 thousand miles on is
probably okay but it’s not gonna hold off for four decades and 150,000 miles
like this thing is and still be running strong without working on the engine or
the transmission or the electronics and sure it’s like any modern car plastic
wrap the handles broken but if you reach in it got still work a little car like
this with front wheel discs rear wheel disc and a tight suspension systems
they’re still fun to drive and if it were my car I take off the se-r emblem
and just leave the sentra and people would think oh look at that crappy
Nissan Sentra they could blow right by them now for those who know about cars
the car that was this cheap but in a six-speed manual transmission hooked up to a limited slip differential means this baby can handle corners fast you
don’t find cars in this price range in this size then have a limited slip
differential it is a killer on twisty roads it’s so sad that they ruined the
cars after they merged with Renault because they had a good thing going here
a four-door car that you can fit a reason a lot of people in but still have
serious driving experience are ones that have rear seats that you can fit tiny
little people in their babies and baby seats but full-grown adults are gonna be
groaning after a little while on those back seats and a suspension system is 16 percent stiffer than the stock it really corners well but doesn’t ride that
now you know as far as I’m concerned was one of the last good Nissan’s
that were built when they are making these r series sentras they had a good
thing going it’s a shame they let it go because just try finding a zippy
little car like this for $15,000 today it’s an impossibility
even if you pay eight or ten thousand dollars more doesn’t have the quality
that this old thing hand what the heck with a little loving car and a lot of
paint you could bring this thing back to New blowing people off the road with
Nissan Sentra, so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair
videos, remember to ring that Bell

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  • I purchased a 1996 Maxima SE back in 1999 with 34k miles on it. I drove that car for 20 years. I finally sold it this past summer. It was a tank. It was always parked outside but the paint job still looked very good. I live in Texas so the sun can be brutal on a paint job. I sold it with 275k miles on it. The suspension was shot and the tranny was a little soft. It smoked a little after driving it but that motor was great. Even with 275k miles it started quick on the first crank. I was not super kind to that car either. I had run it without coolant and run it another time without oil but it kept on trucking. It was the best car I ever owned. I hate to see that Nissan quality has tanked. I remember a few years back, a much newer model Maxima was parked next to mine at work and its paint job was peeling all over while my car looked just fine. Anyway, keep up the great work Scotty. This is my favorite youtube channel and I tell all my friends about you. Have a great day.

  • I remembered my mom's old nissan then I bought one as a new car for me…. then I found scotty…. buyers remorse now

  • I loved these when they came out!! Especially the Spec-V versions with the Rockford Fosgate audio system with factory woofer in the trunk. They were fast lil cars to carve up backroads in also.

  • You know, it's really disappointing to see the fact that most cars made over the past decade are so unreliable that they won't last more than 100k miles.
    But most cars from the 90's & early 2000's are easily able to get over 250k miles without something fairly significant breaking. There are very few cars made over the past 10 years that I would actually own & there's NO WAY IN HELL I will buy any car new.

  • I can attest to that. I have a 1986.5 Nissan hardbody truck. I think the original owner ran the original engine to the ground. It’s on its second engine and I’m sure it has high mileage as the odometer broke at 452,000 miles and that was in 2005! Truck still runs but needs several ancillary components such as a new alternator, brake booster, brake master cylinder, new engine and transmission mounts, and shocks. I patched up holes in the muffler and exhaust manifold, so that’s done.

  • No SE-R made 200+ hp until several years later. This one makes 165 hp..the Spec V made 175 hp. Did you actually do any research?

  • Scotty I live in Katy Tx and I need you like yesterday. Question about my 1976 eldorado and im paying if you can help. 832 334 2264 call/text me asap please

  • My dad is a news paper courier so he is rough on cars, but he had a 99 nissan sentra (non SER) but he ran that thing even with the automatic for 300k miles with original drive train. I bought me a 2002 altima and even then it was a piece of crap wished i would have had that one and just fixed it up.

  • Former 2003 SE-R spec v owner checking in! I loved the car.
    I would totally agree with Scotty here if we was talking about the B15 Sentra SE 2.0 which carried the SR20DE over from the previous 2 generations.
    That Sentra has the first run of the QR25DE which suffered from problems with the pre-cat material breaking up and being sucked back through the engine. Easy fix- swap it for a cat less header (what I did) or try your luck with the Nissan fix which reflashed the ECU.
    The other problem was with the screws on the butterfly valves coming loose and being sucked into the intake. Easy fix was unscrew them and apply loctite before screwing them back in.

    I’m guessing this owner got that stuff or is super lucky. Either way I’m happy to see a B15 Se-r alive and kicking.

  • I bought a 2002 for $1100. The paint looks like it has leparcy, but hey it's stick shift and it gets me too and from work.

  • My 2007 Nissan Murano has 181,000 miles and still runs good not only that but it’s a CVT with 2 previous owners and has no cosmetic damage , no engine failure if anything the only things wrong are minor such as need of new roaders and tires , not sure what you talking about that being the last good Nissan Scotty 😩😂

  • Hey Scotty, in one of your videos, you put Nu Finish on the windshield of your car. I did this and it is a great technique. So my question is, can I do the same technique to all of my windows? If not, what should I clean them with.

  • wow those small cars are fun to drive on back roads they handle very well. My friend had one I could not believe how fast it was. 200hp is all you need to have fun in a good small car. those are hard to find these days

  • Oh no, I bought a 2003 sentra SER with about 124,000 miles 4 cyl auto. It fell apart, gas tank leak, oil leak by valve gasket. I liked it but sold it for 600, the next owner had to junk it. Never again.

  • 👋🏻Hey Skotty! What about to make a sticker (same as your intro logo)
    Sell us for Decent Price! I will put that on my car 😃

  • this is a really good car but totally disagree Scotty sorry the QR25DEis not a such a good engine they had catback problem that destroy themselves and went back into the engine ruining the engine

  • 96 maxima, 266k AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION. Other then replacing a 4th gear solenoid, Runs like a clock at 20k miles per year 🤟

  • Let's face it most of Scotty viewers are petrol heads who drive like maniacs and looking for zippier and reliable cars.

  • I feel bad for my pops. He keeps buying nissan cars. Says “these car have never let me down”. I’m surprised his 2006 Nissan Sentra 1.8s still going strong after getting in a car accident. His 2013 Sentra still going too.

  • One of my sisters had a Sentra, maybe from 1990 or thereabouts. No idea what model designation. She bought it new. Terrible car, never ran decently, engine would spit and buck and die at random, and nobody – including the dealers – could seem to figure out what was wrong. Worse than garbage.

  • I feel an intense need to comment so everyone can know….I have never owned a Nissan.
    Now back to memory lane. Tell us about a car you once owned and got rid of 25 years ago.

  • Scotty, I saw your video on quick struts. My mechanic wants me to repalce my Toyota Sienna 2008 struts (180,000 miles) and recommend the quick struts. Are KYB stuts good? I read that they are made in Japan.

  • I had the 2003 Sentra se-r. It was a fun car but i had random minor issues here and there. The car was fast and fun but inside material quality was crap. Paint was crap. Mine had small rust before it got totaled in an accident.

  • Mom had one, power train was good, everything else sucked. Power windows stopped working before 100k, sunroof stopped working before 50k, multiple dash lights stopped working along with the center console lights.

  • Scotty, I knew from the thumbnail what car it was. I have the same car, except it is a 2002. Bought it for the grandson. It's starting to nickel & dime me, but he loves it!

  • I have a 2005 Skyline 350GT and everything still works. Have had to replace an ignition coil and the radiator fans since I bought it but the beauty of these cars is that they are relatively cheap to repair. Don't see Renault's negative influence in this car – it's a beauty!

  • Tried to get one in 2002, but the dealership was acting funny about the co-signer not having a license. Was "coerced" into an Eclipse the day after. A day later, the Nissan dealership calls giving a go on the Sentra. A tad too late. One of my biggest regrets.

  • Would it be good, maintenance wise, to run a gallon of lacquer thinner, mixed with 10 gallons of gas, through your car every once in a while? It won’t do any damage to any of the other parts or functions of the car?

  • I had one of these that was an automatic SE that damn thing flew down the highway. It was great till the head gasket blew up at 190k

  • Nissan has been crap since way back in 1988, because electrical system problems have always been their Achille's heel.

  • I have a 2001 Maxima with 300 th kms on the clock and it still runs great. I have a friend with a Renault Koleos , unfortunately not as reliable, expensive parts too. Pity about Nissan merging with Renault

  • I had one of these. I never should have sold it. The neighbor is still cruising around in it. I just love to waste money. But I’ve learned from my mistakes…… no more new cars with huge monthly payments.

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