BMW X5 xDrive 30d – 2019 – SUV TEST – ENG SUB – GARAZ.TV – Rasťo Chvála

Hi, you are afraid you could be eaten by these big kidneys, vrrr! These are giga kidneys and they belong to the new X5’s fourth generation which I now drive around Banska Bystrica. Or should you want to hear it in upper river Hron region: “huzam sa na motore” and do have a proper engine […]

2018 BMW X6 M – Very Much The Ultimate Driving SUV

as SUVs continued to gain in popularity the actual definition of what a sport utility vehicle is continues to be blurred BMW was one of the first manufacturers to blur that line with the introduction of the original x6 sports activity coupe back in 2009 now this vehicle did so well for them sales wives […]

Here’s Why The BMW X5 is the Best Luxury SUV for Families…or Anyone

Hello everyone and welcome to Kar Talk with Kristina. Today I’m going to be reviewing my 2017 BMW X5 this is the M Sport package but not the X5M there’s a huge price difference between the two. [tires screetching] [classical music] ♪ I’ve been feeling so small ♪ ♪ Watch the clock tickin’ off the […]

2020 Lincoln Aviator Jumps Into the Luxury SUV Crowd | Edmunds

CAMERON ROGERS: The Lincoln MKT was kind of an odd duck. It wanted to be an SUV, a minivan, a wagon. It’s kind of hard to tell. But the Aviator, the MKT successor, has its foot firmly planted in the midsize crossover category. Lincoln gave us a sneak peek a few days before its official […]

SUV-Crash vs. PKW: Ungleiche Unfallgegner | BR24

Crashtest. David gegen Goliath. Ungleiche Verhältnisse. Bei dem Unfall in München Trudering, sind die Umstände etwas anders und besonders unglücklich. Es ist ein Auffahrunfall. An dieser Kreuzung knallt der SUV-Fahrer mit überhöhter Geschwindigkeit von hinten in den Kleinwagen und katapultiert ihn noch 60 Meter weit über den Bordstein in eine Garage. Was denken Autofahrer über […]

BMW X5 SUV 2013 review – Carbuyer

The BMW X5 has always been a popular choice for people after a sporty SUV. And the latest version promises to be just as sharp to drive yet more luxurious than ever. Before we get into that lets deal with the practicality first. As before it gets a split tailgate — which means opening the […]

BMW X5 vs. Mercedes ML vs. Jeep Grand Cherokee

Die Motoren dröhnen, der Sand wirbelt, das Wasser spritzt. Härtetest in der Kiesgrube für diese drei Kandidaten aus der Oberklasse der SUV, die Liga der dicken Allrad-Brummer. Anfangsaufsager „ Herrlich so ein Spieltag in der Sandkiste mit dem neuen BMW X5, dem Jeep Grand Cherokee und dem Mercedes ML 350. Knapp 5 Meter lang sind […]