I’m Tired of Bullshit Car Reviews

rev up your engines Jacka Falls says MSN just posted on their webpage the most reliable cars at 2019 not sure what to make it looks fishy some are okay some are strange and how can you do reliability on a one year old vehicle yeah you know you got a great point there realize […]

5 Most Common Cars You’ll See At a Car Show

– [Alex] Honestly, who doesn’t like car shows? I do, you do, we do. Cars and coffee, wheels and wings, car show takeovers, all of them, they’re pretty gnarly, they’re just a good way to meet new people. Now, imagine if you will, it’s mid July, it’s 100 degrees you forgot your sunscreen and you’re […]

5 Used Sports Cars You Should Never Buy

Rev up your engines, today I’m going to talk about 5 used sports cars that you should never buy, now buying a used sports car is one of the toughest things to do correctly, with all used sports cars there’s two main problems, the first one is, people who buy sports cars tend to drive […]

The Deadliest Cars Ever Made

How deadly is your car? Perhaps your current vehicle isn’t the safe and secure ride you think it is and instead, it’s a potential accident waiting to happen. Unfortunately, some cars are deadlier than others, and you could be driving in one of these rolling coffins without even knowing it. In the ’80s, the Yugo […]

Why It’s Dumb to Buy a Smart Car

rev up your engines, do you think it’s a smart idea to buy a smart car, now to understand if it is, you need a little history lesson about the difference between Europe and the United States, now the Romans, they built roads, they were eight Roman feet wide, which is a little bit less […]

Terrible Car Designs That Actually Worked | WheelHouse

– Hollywood is endlessly churning out horrible remakes of our favorite movies ever year. Is the car industry any different? Car enthusiasts are some of the most nostalgic people out there. But when manufacturers started rolling out modern retro-inspired cars in the late 90s and early 2000s, they got some mixed reviews. Some were actually […]

5 Car Brands You Should Never Buy

rev up your engines, today by popular demand I’m gonna talk about five car brands that have gotten worse over time, and kind of contrary to Darwin’s natural selection these companies are still around, they haven’t gone extinct like the dinosaurs yet, now taking the lead or if you look at another way, the ones […]

WORST Cars In The World!

From three-wheelers that are falling apart to ugly SUV’s, here are 10 of the worst cars of all time!!! 10. 2003 Saturn Ion Saturn was a subsidiary company of General Motors and, throughout the 90’s, the brand was doing pretty well! In 2003, though, it was time to revamp their offering and unfortunately for them, […]

5 Used Cars You Should Never Buy

rev up your engines, today I’m gonna talk about five used cars that you should never buy if you value your money, and your sanity, now to begin with I’m talking about normal cars that normal people will be buying use, I’m not talking about luxury cars like Range Rovers that I tell nobody ever […]

10 Cars They’re Not Going to Make Anymore

rev up your engines, if you like any of these cars you better hurry up and buy them because after 2019 they’re not gonna be making these models anymore the first one is the Audi a3 Cabriolet they’re getting rid of their convertible you know I said that good riddance there were horrible cars anyways […]