How To Give Your Car A Maintenance Wash! – Chemical Guys

what’s going on Chemical Guys family thanks so much for joining us for today’s episode of Chemical Guys detail garage today I’m going over the simple process of why it’s so important to give your car routine wash demonstrating it on this beautiful Jeep track hawk because as you can see it’s very dirty the […]

Best Car Wash Bucket Kit – Chemical Guys Car Care

Welcome back to Detail Garage! Today we’re going to introduce you to The Best Car Wash Bucket Kit from Chemical Guys. This kit is great for the enthusiast who wants to upgrade from washing with a nasty old pail and old towels, you should only wash with high grade products to get the best results […]

How To: 2 Bucket Car Wash Method – Chemical Guys Detailing Car Care

Today in the Detail Garage, we’re gonna show you how to do the Chemical Guys 2 bucket method. The Chemical Guys 2 bucket method is the preferred way to wash any vehicle using water and traditional shampoo. A lot of swirls and scratches can occur from improperly washing your vehicle. If you’re using one bucket, […]

Car Wash Mitt Lambswool for Auto Detailing and Cleaning Kit

Lambswool Car Wash Mitt This car wash mitt is made of lambswool and micro fiber. It is super soft and there is no way of damaging the paint of your car while cleaning it. This car washing glove is perfect fit for your auto detailing kit. With just one dip into the water bucket it […]

How To Wash Your Car Without A Hose – Rinse Free Wash & Shine Rinseless Wash – Chemical Guys

Welcome back to Detail Garage! Today we have this beautiful Ferrari F355 Spider in the shop. Now we’re going to go through the motions, we’re going to wash the car, but during the inspection we found out some things to take note of on this vehicle. For one thing the windows don’t roll up all […]

How To Properly Wash Microfiber Towels, Mitts and Applicators! – Chemical Guys Microfiber Wash

– Today we’re inside of our warehouse that’s why it’s a little bit noisy. We’re inside of our wash room because today I wanna show you guys how to properly maintain all of your microfiber goods. So to begin what you wanna do is separate all of your microfiber goods including your wash mitts, your […]

The Story Behind the Dirt Trap Car Wash Bucket Insert

Dirt, it covers the Earth. Food grows in it, medicine is made from it, it’s how we make fine pottery and buildings. And some women smear it on their face in an attempt to look pretty. However, there’s one thing dirt does that’s so awful, so evil, so unimaginable you die a little bit on […]

Step by Step: How to Wash a Car with an Electric Pressure Washer – Black Light Car Wash Soap – KITT

What’s up guys welcome back to the Detail Garage. I’ve got Frank from the Aficionauto, nice to meet ya. Frank is a Frenchmen and he drove this Pontiac 2,500 miles just to bring it to us at Chemical Guys. Along the way he has picked up a lot of dirt, debris and some scratches that […]

How To: Maintenance Car Wash – Chemical Guys Detailing Car Care E39 BMW

Today I’ll be showing you some tips and tricks on your maintenance wash. What is a maintenance wash? It’s washing your vehicle after a proper detail. Once you’ve had a proper detail, all you have to do is a maintenance wash once a week to “maintain” that look. That’s cleaning the wheels, cleaning the paintwork, […]

How To Remove Old Car Wax – Chemical Guys Clean Slate

So we are starting up the full detail on this little Fiat car with some Chemical Guys products. Now this car you can see, was from the dealership. It’s a little dirty. But the dealership put some kind of a really cheesy coat of wax on it; we want to take that off. Before we […]