Volvo Trucks – Better grip and lower fuel consumption with Tandem Axle Lift

Volvo Trucks Tandem Axle Lift is a new feature that allows drivers to disengage and lift the second drive axle. This saves up to four per cent fuel compared to the same journey with both axles on the ground. Volvo Tandem Axle Lift will benefit heavy transports where the return trips are often empty or […]

Volvo Trucks – How to stay in power

This is my brand new Volvo FH, a really capable and smart truck. It has loads of new technology, to help me make my trip safer and more comfortable. But for every function or gadget I use, the battery is forced to work harder. So when the engine’s off, I have to be careful, otherwise […]

Volvo Trucks – Tomorrow’s connected truck: an intelligent business partner on wheels

Welcome to a connected future, a world where 50 billion devices are able to communicate with each other. Trucks are no exception. Thanks to connectivity, zero unplanned stops are now everyday life for truck drivers and haulage owners worldwide. The vehicle has become an intelligent business partner, able to think for itself and do everything […]

Volvo Trucks – Our first commercial autonomous transport solution

Now, standing here, in this huge limestone mine, watching it in operation, it’s amazing. Yeah, I agree. It feels like our business took a major step today. Volvo Trucks’ assignment here in Brønnøy, Norway, is to take over the transportation of extracted limestone from the open pit to a crusher, using six autonomous FH16 trucks […]

Volvo XC90 2017 CAR FACTORY – HOW IT’S MADE Manufacturing SAFETY Luxury SUV

Volvo XC90 How I’s Made Assemply Line Car Factory + Bonus Top Safety System Crash Test

Volvo Trucks – Tropical conditions and rough terrain in Indonesia – Driver’s World (E03)

When it’s raining, we are parked. All activities stop. The risk when it’s slippery is trucks crashing into each other. The road to the dump site is being repaired. I’ve got the information from the supervisor that we start now. Look, there is one that has slipped off the road. It’s the beginning of the […]

Volvo Trucks – New safety features designed to save lives

An accident is something every driver wants to avoid, and yet thousands of traffic accidents happen every day. Driving means dealing with unexpected situations, and something as simple as a wet road or a few moments of inattention can lead to huge risks. Now Volvo Trucks is releasing two new features designed to save lives. […]

Volvo Trucks – Collision Warning with Emergency Brake even in a curve

Volvo Trucks Collision Warning with Emergency Brake is an advanced driver support system that puts a definite stop to the truck, using both radar and camera technology. To demonstrate the system, we put together a traffic situation where a car behaves unexpectedly when exiting. As an extra challenge, we conducted the demonstration in a curve. […]

Volvo Trucks – How to get fuel consumption down low – Meet our customer: Vapas

We need skilful drivers to reduce costs. I know I sell or pass on my experience to others. It helps the company grow. It’s not just about transportation. It’s also about drivers, who have become less visible. Today, Vapas operates throughout the Czech Republic. We also deliver to all its neighbouring countries. We focus on […]

Volvo Trucks – A heavy metal truck designed by a heavy metal legend – “Welcome to my cab – light”

Welcome to a breathtaking, trucking, rocking, world-exclusive one-off. Yes, it’s a Volvo FH16 with 750 horsepower, but that’s just where the story begins. Volvo loves metal, and we know many metal fans love Volvo. That’s why the very heaviest of Volvo Trucks’ heavy metal has been dressed up to salute the power of rock. This […]