Volvo Trucks – Precise steering with Volvo Dynamic Steering

Volvo Trucks’ new system Volvo Dynamic Steering- -improves the truck’s manoeuvrability. The system makes it more comfortable to drive. Volvo Dynamic Steering works through a precisely controlled electric motor- -which is mounted on top of the hydraulic steering gear. The motor is controlled 2000 times per second- -based on the input from the driver and […]

Volvo Trucks – Volvo Dynamic Steering with Personal Settings – Customise your steering response

Through the all-new Volvo Dynamic Steering with Personal Settings, drivers can fully customise the responsiveness of the steering on a Volvo truck. The driver can choose between four preprogrammed steering settings through the truck’s infotainment system or fully personalise the settings. A driver’s steering setting is stored via the driver’s ID card. In the menu, […]

Volvo Trucks – How to design a completely new truck range

In the automotive design business, the product life-cycles are longer and it takes a long time to develop new vehicles. So the perspective on society’s needs have to look into the future. When we set out to create the new design direction for the new range in the Volvo family, the iPhone was an unknown. […]

Volvo Trucks – Volvo Dynamic Steering with Lane Keeping Assist – Stop trucks from drifting

A second’s inattention and a truck can drift into another lane or oncoming traffic. This can result in rollover accidents or serious vehicle-to-vehicle collisions. Volvo Dynamic Steering with Lane Keeping Assist is a new feature designed to stop trucks from drifting. It provides a gentle intervention to steer the truck back into its lane or […]

10 World’s LONGEST Trucks with Powerful Engine

welcome to TTI today we are counting down top ten longest trucks that actually exist so sit back relax and enjoy my friends number ten Lone Star international the Lone Star has redesigned the futuristic streamline appearance it looks like a revolutionary a-class truck with the advanced aerodynamic body in addition the truck has some […]

Volvo Trucks – The new Volvo FM – The ideal all-round player that is flexible and efficient

The best way to describe the new Volvo FM is as a flexible- -and efficient multi-purpose truck, that is very easy to maneuver. The new FM is really a fantastic truck, for a wide range of application… …really a multi-purpose truck. The new features built into this new FM- -makes it even better for our […]

Volvo Trucks – Capturing wild buffaloes in the South African savannah – Driver’s World (E02)

Today I’m capturing buffaloes – about fifteen. Okay. The buffalo is a dangerous animal. They don’t like men, walking by the road. When you see him, it’s more dangerous. He’s coming to you. You must run and look for the trees- -for your life. When he gets you, it’s over. No more Petrus. Petrus is […]

Volvo Trucks – Power and performance with our new gas-powered trucks

What we’re looking at here is the new Volvo LNG-powered, 13-litre Euro 6 engine that we’re going to be offering as an alternative to the diesel variants that we offer today. What makes this technology better and different is the way that we are able to deliver the fuel to the cylinder. We’re delivering it […]

Volvo Trucks – New I-Shift with crawler gears can start from standstill with 325 tonnes

Volvo Trucks is now launching I-Shift with crawler gears a gearbox with up to two additional crawler gears. The extra gears make it possible to start a truck from standstill with up to 325 tonnes in total weight. This is unique for series-produced heavy trucks. To simplify, I-Shift with crawler gears works like this: By […]

Volvo Trucks – This is how gas flows in the engine inside our gas-powered trucks

In order to give the truck as long driving range as possible, the tank is filled with liquefied gas. The gas is stored in a cryogenic vacuum isolated tank at minus 130 to 140 degrees Celsius. Inside the tank is a hydraulically driven pump that raises the LNG to system pressure, and a vaporiser at […]