Volvo Trucks – How to design a completely new truck range

In the automotive design business, the product life-cycles are longer and it takes a long time to develop new vehicles. So the perspective on society’s needs have to look into the future. When we set out to create the new design direction for the new range in the Volvo family, the iPhone was an unknown. […]

Volvo Trucks – Volvo Dynamic Steering with Lane Keeping Assist – Stop trucks from drifting

A second’s inattention and a truck can drift into another lane or oncoming traffic. This can result in rollover accidents or serious vehicle-to-vehicle collisions. Volvo Dynamic Steering with Lane Keeping Assist is a new feature designed to stop trucks from drifting. It provides a gentle intervention to steer the truck back into its lane or […]

Volvo Trucks – Life on the road in western Norway

The nature is magnificent, though the weather is often bad in Western Norway. Traveling on these roads is fascinating. The roads here are narrow. There is a lot of traffic here in the summer. It makes it difficult for us who have to drive here. You can’t be daydreaming, you have to pay attention to […]

Volvo Trucks – Volvo FH with I-Save – Uno Jonsson Åkeri cuts fuel costs by up to 10%

Fuel cost is one of the biggest expenditures for fleet operators. This truck with I-Save makes a huge difference. There’s a reduction of at least 7-8%, possibly 9-10%, on diesel consumption. That’s a nice money saver. I’ve been a truck driver for more than 25 years. My assignments are general cargo. I drive a lot […]

Volvo Trucks – Fighting the elements on winding Norwegian roads – Driver’s World (E07)

I have driven when the wind was blowing at 72 mph. You had to steer it constantly to keep the car on the road. And you have to drive very slowly. Had to drive at 25-30 miles per hour. You get a bit sceptical… I drive a trailer for a company called Thor’s Goods Transport […]

Volvo Trucks – Testing Volvo FH with I-Save: “There is quite a dramatic change.”

The driving experience today was very good, a much bigger surprise than I thought it would be. There’s quite a dramatic change between the non-Turbo Compound version and the new one. From the first press of the accelerator, once you start moving, the extra 300 Nm of torque is delivered straight away.

Volvo Trucks – Testing Volvo FH with I-Save: “It’s a new concept in fuel-efficient trucks.”

It’s a new concept, because it does several things at once. Technically, with the energy recovery turbine, backed up by a software strategy for the gearbox that is very comprehensive, I believe it’s a new concept in fuel-efficient trucks.

Volvo Trucks – Do you love flat roof cabs? Check out this Volvo FH! – “Welcome to my cab – light”

Welcome to Angelo De Kraker’s cab, a Volvo FH from 2013 with individual front suspension. There’s an understated elegance about this truck. Angelo himself describes the style as a clean retro Danish design, and the colours certainly reflect this. Many components have been specifically chosen and are from Volvo’s older models, just like this steering […]

Volvo Trucks – Testing Volvo FH with I-Save: “The difference is obvious.”

The difference is obvious. The driver feels the increased torque. With Turbo Compound it climbs hills differently, at lower engine revs, shifts later or not at all. It’s definitely noticeable.

Volvo Trucks – Collision Warning with Advanced Emergency Brake

This short film is to highlight how the forward collision warning and emergency brake works on the Volvo FH, FM and FMX. Since November 2015, forward collision warning and advanced emergency brake has been designed as a system to support you. However, remember you’re in control, which is why it’s extremely important to understand how […]