Volkswagen T-Cross 2019 | Concentrato di SUV [ENGLISH SUB]

We had started with the Seat Ibiza, the VW Polo and later Audi A1, the MQB A0 platform is also here with the Vokswagen T-Cross, we’ve got some time with it and let’s go take a loser look at this car The size: it has a 2.56 m long wheelbase, the sqame as the Polo, […]

Win a 1967 Volkswagen Bus That’s Been Restored & Customized // Omaze

This 1967 VW Bus would look pretty great in your driveway, but why stop there? That’s right. To support a great cause, Omaze is giving you the chance to win this restored and customized VW Deluxe Bus, taxes and shipping included. The Bus’s eye-catching Electric Blue exterior features iconic VW accents, a huge skylight roof […]

Rain-x Anti Fog – Classic Car Driving In Winter

welcome to VW classic fix I’m Ricky and today we’re going to be looking at rain-x anti-fog and why this can be incredibly handy when it comes to driving your volkswagen and winter rain-x put out a couple of products they’re most famous for the water repellent but this anti-fog stuff is really good first […]

半套還是全速域?一次看懂12款SUV的ACC與車道輔助設定範圍【2020最新版】依品牌字母排列 | U-CAR 專題企劃(加入新年式RAV4、CR-V、CX-5、Outlander、國產、進口休旅車)

大家好 我們今天要為大家介紹的叫做ACC ACC這個東西相信大家都已經耳熟能詳 那大家可能不太理解一件事情 就是為什麼現在ACC是這麼常被提起的一個東西 其實這跟科技配備的演進有點關係 因為最早大家使用的東西叫做定速 那定速系統其實它就是在 比如說高速公路的時候使用 非常方便 定速呢 你可以開著它定速70km/h 它就會以70km/h的速度一直跑 但是有一個問題是 如果你看到前面有車的時候 你要自行減速 所以後來配備比較先進一點 叫作定距 所謂的定距就是 它會控制你跟前車的距離 透過雷達去調整車距甚至於車速 維持與前方車子的固定距離 所以定距已經成為一個相當便利的功能 如果我今天在高速公路上 行駛採用定距 那基本上我只要前車距離多少 設定好之後 它就會隨著前車的一個速度來做調整 簡單講 懶人模式開啟 那這時候我們就告訴大家另外一件事情 就是除了定距之外 其實現今的車壇潮流 應該是要朝向全速域前進 因為原本定距設定大概是以30km/h為底線 也就是說定速的車速 大概是從30~180km/h之類的這樣一個設定 各家可能不太一樣 但是在這樣的距離之內 也就是說 如果今天前車的距離低於30km/h的時候 系統可能會解除 這時候你就需要自己去介入 那如果懶人方式要發揮到極致呢 那這告訴我們叫做全速域的ACC 全速域的定距功能 這時候的好處就是 包含它低速也會跟車 跟到停 停了之後 有些只要按按鈕 甚至於更高階的版本 它會自動再行跟車 也就是說如果你今天開高速公路的時候 其實我只要系統按下去之後 […]

How To Buy a Used Car – tips and advice from Top Gear’s Steve Berry

Buying a used car is something that almost all of us are going to do at some point and it can be scary it’s a big purchase so you’ve got to kind of take the emotion out to the buying process and look at the information that’s available to you There’s loads of information available […]

What’s the Best Compact SUV for 2017?

with gas still relatively affordable compact SUVs are booming in sales popularity these cars combine family-friendly features with a higher seating position and a little extra utility that appeals to many shoppers we took the Chevrolet Equinox the Honda CRV the Nissan Rogue the Jeep Compass the Mazda cx-5 and the Volkswagen Tiguan we compared […]

COMPILATION of The Dirtiest Car Interiors Transformations Ever!

Cleaning The Dirtiest Car Interiors Ever COMPILATION! Complete Disaster Full Interior Car Detailing. ou guys have asked for it and here is a compilation of all of the disaster deep clean videos I have done for a total of 2 hours of footage! All of your favorites from #worktrucksneedlovetoo, #roachmotel and even #deermotel. I have […]

Top 5 Reliable SUV Of All Time Last 250000 Miles

Here are the top 5 reliable SUV of all time guaranteed to last 250,000 mile Number one. Subaru Outback. Subaru is renowned for its reliability. Its motto is confidence in motion and confidence is what the Subaru is. According to consumer reports. Subaru is rated above BMW, Mercedes Benz in comfort, performance, utility and beyond […]

2017 Three-Row SUV Comparison: Cargo and Third Row —

three row SUV shoppers want a vehicle with room for people and cargo so as part of our 2017 three row SUV challenge myself and fellow judges Fred Meyer and Brian Wong paid special attention to the cargo areas in third row seats of our four contenders to gauge their utility and overall comfort the […]


This test’s guarantee is Goodyear Dunlop Slovakia and the Dunlop tires. Welcome to yet another video from Garaz TV production! In this test we are going to compare three popular SUVs well, SUVs are popular in general, Because their sales for first 11 months of this year have exceeded 30 thousand units in Slovakia. 371 […]