i lowkey crashed into someones car (plz don’t tell my mom)

*clanking* sorry Just a little something for the road What’s up guys okay I need to turn on the AC What’s up guys. I’m super excited for today’s vlog because I’m taking you on an adventure with me So basically I live like 30 minutes away from San Fransisco and every time I go to […]

Barbie Car Turbo #2 Testing and Driving on the Oregon Coast 4K

[Music] exactly a cheaper and like potentially less quality pump but it has a maximum pressure rating of a hundred psi that one’s designed to float 3.7 gallons a minute and I don’t know what its maximum pressure rating is but when trying to flow 3.7 gallons a minute through all these tiny passageways it […]

buying my first car! (range rover) vlog & car tour

Hey guys, what’s up its Hanna. So as you can tell by the title and That I’m in the car today’s video is going to be about how and why I got a Range Rover at 17 And I don’t want to make it like super dramatic, um ever since I posted the tooth video […]

I Went To ThinkerCon 2018!

And that was ThinkerCon 2018 my experience was super fun we learned a lot of new things got a meet and greet some really cool content creators some good German food even a surprise firework show at the end what’s up guys i’m ben from Authentech, and i just got back from ThinkerCon 2018 it […]


You know where you at son Ah no, Ah no, no, noooo. I can’t even right now guys My mom is a YouTuber, it’s official She just got her first brand deal my mom she went to school for years and years to be a nurse and she got a brand deal on YouTube now, […]

How to stop cats going on your car – The best cat video ever!

you know it’s really annoying when you punch yourself in the face but lately what I’m finding more annoying is cats the lighting and howling through the nights the running across the roof the demonstrating in the garden but worst of all is the urinating on everything now I’m not a cat hater but seriously […]

RC Car Giant Beach Jump Hawaii Adventure!!

– What’s up, guys. Welcome to the Carl and Jinger family channel. We are doing something awesome today. Check this out, you guys. (cheering) – [Carl] Look how big this is. We are building a huge jump on the beach here in Hawaii. We’re with Carter and Liz, and the Sharer fam. – What’s up, […]

All I Want for Christmas (Car Part Parody Song)

Nie chcę wiele na święta, Jest taka jedna rzecz, którą potrzebuję Nie obchodzi mnie większość prezentów Pod choinką Ja tylko chciałabym duże turbo Bardziej niż Ci się wydaję Spraw by moje marzenie się spełniło Wszystko co bym chciała to CZĘŚCI SAMOCHODOWE OD CIEBIE Nie chcę wiele na święta, Moja lista na prawdę nie jest długa […]


Sharer’s here it is this is the inside of the box fort car. We got the steering wheel we got the windshield we got the gas pedal down in here this is the gas pedal and then this is the drift lever when you pull this it drifts the car it’s really cool here we […]


– Can you guys guess what this thing is? Do you know what this thing is? You probably know what this thing is because you clicked on the thumbnail already. This is one of our giant, inflatable bubble balls that we can put all kinds of giant stuff in. I can even get inside of […]