Monster Truck Dan in Goal | Car Cartoon Videos For Children by Kids Channel

Monster Truck Dan In Goal

How-To Tear Down Classic Jeep for Rebuild Motorz #51

I’m Chris Duke and today on Motorz we’re tearing down our 1968 Jeep CJ 5 called ‘Project Blue Dog.’ Hey welcome to a fun and exciting new season of Motorz TV. We’ve got a lot of big changes in store for you guys and all of them are blue. For one thing, my shirt is […]

🍀ONEWELL Portable Car Trunk Organizer (SUV Truck Van) REVIEW 👈

we have a new trunk organizer that can be used to store and transport a lot of essentials it can be customized to suit your needs it is expandable and collapsible and it measures 22 inches by 14 inches by 13 inches deep when it’s fully expanded so we got two of these one is […]

Giraffe Attacks Jeep on Safari

00:02 MAN: Behind you and left. 00:03 COMM: A safari through the bush took a turn for the worse when a two and a half ton giraffe charged at a group of holiday makers. 00:11 MAN: Maybe now is the point to radio for help? 00:14 COMM: The incredible footage was captured by Rainer Schimpf […]

Tractor Formation | Car Cartoon Videos For Children | Kids Channel

Tractor Formation Car Cartoon Videos

Sesame Street: Elmo’s Bus

ELMO: Oh, hi. Elmo made this bus all by himself to talk to you about front and back. See, Elmo is in the front of the bus. See? See? Now Elmo is in the back of the bus. Yeah! Back– wait a minute. Who’s driving Elmo’s bus? Whaa! [CRASH] This is the end of Elmo’s […]

Bob The Train | street vehicles | transport adventure | 3d rhymes | nursery rhymes | Kids Tv

Hey! I ‘m Bob The Train I drive on the tracks Passengers can sit inside me and travel to far away places I also carry goods from one place to another. Let’s go and meet the other modes of transport! Look, There is a car! Hey Bob! I am going out for a picnic. We’ll […]

Lots & Lots of Trucks | Monster Trucks, Fast Trucks, Garbage Trucks, Fire Trucks | James Coffey

Here they come… the biggest most powerful trucks in the world! It’s Lots and Lots of Trucks! Big trucks, little trucks, diesel, freight, and firefighting trucks. Even trucks that blow through snow! Old trucks, new trucks, fast trucks, slow trucks, smokin’ trucks, even trucks from down on the farm. Plus diggers, dozers, dumpers, and much, […]

Why were there poles on the front of Jeeps?

Why were their poles on the front of Jeeps? When driving in their Jeeps, American GIs often had the windshield down and covered with a canvas cover because they reflected the sunlight, therefore giving their position away to the enemy. On roads surrounded with trees, German soldiers would set up a trap using a piano […]

Tractor Song | Little Red Car Cartoons by Kids Channel

Tractor Song…