Auto Insurance Advice : Home Ownership & Auto Insurance Premiums

You are thinking about buying car insurance and you are trying to figure out how those premiums work. Well one thing is if you own a house or a condo you are going to get a credit for being a home owner. My name is James with The Resurgence Group and we are a full […]

Car Insurance Full Tort vs Limited Tort Explained

>>>STEVEN KARP: Good morning Pete. >>>PETER HART: How ya doin’ Steve?>>>STEVEN KARP: Today – another day fighting insurance companies?>>>PETER HART: Oh yeah, it never stops! >>>STEVEN KARP: Well Pete, you know that our firm predominantly handles automobile accident cases, when you’re in Pennsylvania and you select an insurance company to provide your coverage, you have […]

Vehicle Insurance Schemes 2018 | Vehicle Insurance Claim Tips | Latest Insurance Schemes

Vehicle Insurance Schemes 2018 Vehicle Insurance Claim Tips Latest Insurance Schemes

Drive worry-free, with Allianz Car Insurance

There is nothing to fear, worry free car is here Just care about your road, we’ll be there all along I’ll keep you safe from rain and dust, I’ll never give up, but if I crack we’ll fix it up for you, we’ll fix it up someone, somewhere is getting carjacked, the lockers are gone, […]

Car Insurance in Chicago and Illinois Liability Limits

The purpose of liability car insurance in Chicago is to put a level of protection between you and financial loss that could happen as a result of an auto accident. Anytime you get behind the wheel of a car you have a substantial possibility of having a loss due to damage to someone’s person or […]

Third Party vs Comprehensive Car Insurance Cover in Dubai

Jeffrey C.: Third party insurance and comprehensive insurance, what’s the difference? Let me start with comprehensive. Comprehensive is what we call…, another term that we use here is bumper-to-bumper policy cover. Jess S.: In case of any accident, if it is your fault, insurance company will be liable for your car and the third party […]

Three Questions to Ask When Getting Car Insurance | Save Money Tricks |

hey everyone it’s Devin Howard let’s talk about car insurance so before I did all of this research car insurance was this big mysterious confusing thing to me I couldn’t really understand it didn’t know what kind of insurance I needed to get so I decided to make this video so that I can tell […]

Tips about Auto Insurance

Would you like some tips on how to reduce the cost of your car insurance? Stay tuned, and I’ll give you four tips to make sure you are getting the best deal on your auto insurance. Hello, I’m Therese Goldsmith, Insurance Commissioner for the State of Maryland. The Maryland Insurance Administration is a state agency […]

Insurance Companies STILL Shorting Consumers After Car Accidents

Most people who have ever had to make any kind of car insurance claim understand that it’s not exactly the most pleasant experience out there, but depending on your company, usually the smaller fender benders, dings, scratches, whatever it is, those get resolved pretty quick. No problem. You’re on your way. But for the bigger […]

Auto Insurance Advice : Multi-Vehicle Discounts for Auto Insurance

You are looking at your insurance policy and you are trying to figure out if you have more than one car would I get a discount for that? My name is James with The Resurgence Group and we are a full service insurance agency and we specialize in auto insurance. It is a good question […]