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Tow Truck Vehicle

Fire truck сar for kids / Vlad playing at indoor playground

О нет! Там огонь! Помогите, помогите! Вспыхнул пожар! Мобилизуемся! Скорее! Скорее! Шлем? «Вот!» Шланг? “ОК!” Готовы ехать! Скорее! Скорее! Едем на пожарной машине! Пожарная машина выезжает потушить огонь. Красная и яркая с мигающими огнями, Динг, Динг, Динг! Это пожарная машина! Пожарная машина мчится! Нам нужны пустые улицы! Едут пожарные машины! Заворачиваем за угол! Динг, динг, […]

Mega Dump Truck & Raod Roller | Vehicle Kids Show | Videos for Toddlers by Kids Channel

Mega Dump Truck And Road Roller

Gecko’s Garage Christmas Special | Big Trucks For Children

Left a bit! Right a bit! That’s Perfect! Well done Caroline. Oh, hello everyone! We’re very excited We’re getting ready for Christmas, here at Gecko’s Garage. Caroline the Crane has been helping to decorate our sign, and Larry the Lorry should be here soon, with our Christmas tree. Danny the Digger is digging a hole, […]

Learn Bus Parts With Bobby The Bus | Bus Video For Kids | Learn With Gecko’s Garage

Bobby the Bus is visiting us today, so we can learn what makes him special. Hello Bobby, great to see you! Shall we go inside and put Bobby on the turntable, so we can take a closer look at him? Let’s all see what we can learn, as we make Bobby turn Bobby’s Wheels! He […]

Learn Math for Kids | Subtracting with Monster Trucks by Brain Candy TV

Welcome to Crash, Course, Math! Hey there Brainiacs! Welcome back to Crash Course Stadium! Are you ready to learn some more math with our awesome, super-duper, stunt-jumping monster trucks? Alright! Let’s check them out! Oh no! I think our jumps are a bit too big for these new beginner trucks. I think we’d better take […]

Danny The Digger Visits Gecko’s Garage | Diggers For Children

Danny the Digger is here today. He doesn’t need fixing – He’s helping me! He’s going to do some digging and moving; so that we can build a new surprise part of Gecko’s Garage! First we need this ground all flat. Danny? Do you think you can help with that? Well done Danny, that’s nice […]

Gecko’s SURPRISE Birthday Party | Truck Cartoons For Children | Gecko’s Garage

Hello everyone! Dr Poppy is acting very strangely today, she’s asked me to come over here to the spare parts store to look for some traffic cones, but I can’t find them anywhere! Hello everyone! It’s Gecko’s birthday today, so I’m trying to keep him away from the Garage whilst we set up his surprise […]

Kids Garbage Truck Song for Kids – The Curb Garbage Truck Songs for Children

♪♪♪ ♪ Garbage, there is garbage sticking out of every bend ♪ Garbage, it smells bad and has to go away ♪ I don’t care where it goes or how it gets there ♪ I don’t want to look at any more… ♪ Garbage, I’m a garbage truck with none of what I’m named for […]

Colors Song | Learning Videos | Monster Truck Dan Cartoons For Kids

Colors Song