Learning Vehicles Names and Sounds for Kids Part 2 | Trucks, Helicopter and More

Welcome back to Brain Candy TV! Hey Brainiacs! It’s time to learn about some more fun vehicles! Let’s use our magic wand to bring our toy vehicles to life! Transport truck! Bulldozer! Monster truck! Bus! Helicopter! This is a transport truck. These trucks are very important because they can use their big trailers to move […]

Big Truck Jumping With Max The Monster Truck | Gecko’s Garage

Welcome to the stadium, where Max the Monster Truck is attempting a new world record for Monster Truck Jumping! Max is going to attempt to jump over TEN vehicles and all his friends have come along to help out! Make the first jump, Max, as fast as you like Jumping over Mille the Motorbike! ONE! […]

Mega Dump Truck & Raod Roller | Vehicle Kids Show | Videos for Toddlers by Kids Channel

Mega Dump Truck And Road Roller

Mia The Mini Digger Visits Gecko’s Garage | Construction Trucks For Children

Mia the Mini Digger is helping her big brother Danny dig holes on the building site today. You’ve been working very hard, I think it’s time for a rest Aren’t you going for a break too, Mia? What’s wrong, you look sad? Oh I see, you want to dig a hole as big as Danny’s? […]

Gecko’s Garage Christmas Special | Big Trucks For Children

Left a bit! Right a bit! That’s Perfect! Well done Caroline. Oh, hello everyone! We’re very excited We’re getting ready for Christmas, here at Gecko’s Garage. Caroline the Crane has been helping to decorate our sign, and Larry the Lorry should be here soon, with our Christmas tree. Danny the Digger is digging a hole, […]

Learn Math for Kids | Subtracting with Monster Trucks by Brain Candy TV

Welcome to Crash, Course, Math! Hey there Brainiacs! Welcome back to Crash Course Stadium! Are you ready to learn some more math with our awesome, super-duper, stunt-jumping monster trucks? Alright! Let’s check them out! Oh no! I think our jumps are a bit too big for these new beginner trucks. I think we’d better take […]

Danny The Digger Visits Gecko’s Garage | Diggers For Children

Danny the Digger is here today. He doesn’t need fixing – He’s helping me! He’s going to do some digging and moving; so that we can build a new surprise part of Gecko’s Garage! First we need this ground all flat. Danny? Do you think you can help with that? Well done Danny, that’s nice […]

Kids Garbage Truck Song for Kids – The Curb Garbage Truck Songs for Children

♪♪♪ ♪ Garbage, there is garbage sticking out of every bend ♪ Garbage, it smells bad and has to go away ♪ I don’t care where it goes or how it gets there ♪ I don’t want to look at any more… ♪ Garbage, I’m a garbage truck with none of what I’m named for […]

Learn with Nursery Rhymes I’ll Drive a Dump Truck

I’ll drive a dump truck, dump truck, dump truck I’ll drive a dump truck all day long. I’ll drive a school bus, school bus, school bus I’ll drive a school bus all day long. I’ll fly an airplane, airplane, airplane I’ll fly an airplane all day long. I’ll drive a tow truck, tow truck, tow […]

Counting Monster Trucks | Learn With Gecko | Learn to Count 1 to 10

Here comes Max the monster truck and his friends, heading for the stadium. They’re going to help us learn to count to ten today! Let’s count them! One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten!” Let’s go inside the stadium and jump some vehicles! Max goes first, he gets things done! Watch him […]