How to Make a Mini Truck Toy with Popsicle Sticks, Motor and Bearings (Fidget Spinner) – DIY Craft

How to Make a Truck (Car Toy) with Popsicle Sticks, Motor and Bearings (Fidget Spinner) – DIY Craft

Animated puzzles new tractor dump truck bicycle helicopter thermal aerostat | Learning Games

Animated puzzles tractor tractor engine or tractor heart Blue tractor is going home. dump truck wheel dump truck cabin dump truck The truck rides through the city to work. dump truck horn bicycle Beautiful bike rides through the city streets. helicopter the propeller of the helicopter the wheels of the helicopter Funny helicopter flies through […]

Monster Truck Alphabet Rhyme | ABCs | Episode 07

“Yeay!” [GIGGLE] [GIGGLE] Hey kids! Well you’re in luck. “Yeah!” Here come the monster trucks! “Yeay!” YUP! It’s time For an awesome alphabet rhyme! “Yippee!” Now there are 26 letters from A to Z! [GIGGLE] Let’s have some fun, come rhyme with me! “Yippee!” A is for Axle it helps the trucks’ tires spin [GIGGLE] […]

BIG BUD Tractor 🚜 Restoration – Part 9

I got a kidney I don’t know I’ve looked up on Amazon the bakery is already broken there was a delay we got a lot done on the bud but then farming life came into play again we had to move grain we had to do a bunch of different stuff so like it’s been […]

Volvo Trucks – How to design a completely new truck range

In the automotive design business, the product life-cycles are longer and it takes a long time to develop new vehicles. So the perspective on society’s needs have to look into the future. When we set out to create the new design direction for the new range in the Volvo family, the iPhone was an unknown. […]

BRUDER Crash Truck Tractor CASE fell off the bridge! Toys for kids.

Tractor Deutz Forestry trailer with loading crane Tractor Case TRuck SCANIA Crane Tractor McCormick and Low loader truck

Tesla Pickup Truck – predictions and the competition

With the Tesla Pickup Truck announcement getting closer, I wanted to share some of my thoughts on what I think it’s going to deliver as far as specs, looks, and price. But I also want to take a broader look at why this market segment is so important to not only Tesla, but the industry […]

Volvo Trucks – Volvo Dynamic Steering with Lane Keeping Assist – Stop trucks from drifting

A second’s inattention and a truck can drift into another lane or oncoming traffic. This can result in rollover accidents or serious vehicle-to-vehicle collisions. Volvo Dynamic Steering with Lane Keeping Assist is a new feature designed to stop trucks from drifting. It provides a gentle intervention to steer the truck back into its lane or […]