Screw Drive Vehicle – Extreme Off Road – Part 10 – THE END

alright so I brought the beast out into the wild here to do some testing I’ll just go through a few things that I’ve done to get to the point where I feel I can start playing around with it %uh first off I have done some reinforcements on the front here you can see […]

8 Best Mini Vehicles For Kids!

hello car enthusiasts welcome to TTI nowadays many kids easily get bored just by playing video games or watching movies kids also want some cool cars but they don’t know how to get it so sad well this video will make you happy because today we’re going to explore some of the most amazing and […]

Vehicle Opposites – Big Truck Small Car Long Limo Short Hybrid Up Down Tow Truck

Timmy Uppet>honk honk honk and a beep beep [ giggles ] Timmy Uppet>vehicle opposites man that is cool, I like vehicles and opposites Timmy Uppet>honk honk honk and a beep beep [ engine start and accelerates ] [ motor slows down and stops ] [ skid ] Timmy Uppet>big Rapper CJ>I mean like dude [ […]

Which is the slowest vehicle in GTA5/Online?

Hello, everyone, and welcome back to another GTA Online video where today we are testing to see which is the slowest land vehicle of them all. We got a bunch of vehicles that we thought off of our heads that are slow as hell, lined them up,… …and are now ready to race them down […]

Futuristic Street Vehicles | Cartoon Videos For Children by Kids Channel


Tonka Ride On Mighty Dump Truck for Kids – Unboxing, Review and Riding

♪[rock ‘n roll music] >>Sydney: WOOOH! >>Lucas: NAY NEE NAY NEE NAY [laughter] >>Chris: ALLRIGHT, LET’S DO THIS!>>>YAAAY…WHOA!>>Chris: THESE ARE… >>Lucas: [interrupting] WHOA!!! [offscreen]>>Lucas: WAHHAAAY >>Chris: THESE WHEELS ARE HUGE.>>Sydney: PULL! [yelling, high pitched noises] >>Sydney: TO ME! ..EHHHHHHH>>Chris: NO WONDER THIS IS SO HARD!>>IT’S HUUUUUGE!>>Sydney: PULL! PULL! WE GOT IT! [indescernible shouts of joy] […]

Basic Vehicles – Street Vehicles, Aircraft & Water Vehicles – The Kids’ Picture Show

Basic Vehicles car truck van tractor airplane helicopter motorcycle bicycle boat submarine train bus [Basic Vehicles theme music plays]

Lifeboats For Children | Gecko’s Real Vehicles

Hello everyone! I’m here at the Hoylake Lifeboat Station where I’m going to go sailing on this huge Lifeboat behind me! Lifeboats are very important boats because they are lifesaving boats! They rescue people who are in trouble out at sea. And look! This massive tractor is used to take the boat down the beach […]

Haying – Baling Hay with a John Deere 568 Baler – Our Wyoming Life

Hi I’m Mike, today we continue with our haying series and quite literally wrap things up by taking a look at the final step in making a bale of hay. That step is getting out with the most complicated and most expensive implement we own. Firing up the baler and rolling some hay on our […]

Little People Farm Tractor & Trailer Review

This is my review of the Little People farm and trailer playset. This little play set comes with a tractor, a trailer, two little boxes of produce, which have little critters hiding in them, a fence piece that you can add on to the Little People Fun Sounds Farm. It also comes with Little Koby. […]