Assistant Pretend Play with Silly Mechanic Works on the Big Truck Front End Loader

Straw Baling | Four Straw Balers in the Same Rice Field | Tractor Video

In this tractor video we’re straw baling across freshly harvested rice fields! That’s right, four straw balers in the same field! We’re going to cover that plus two additional ways we manage our rice straw after harvest, including burning and flooding… …as you see here behind me. Yup, that’s what a rice field looks like […]

Antique Modified Belarus MTZ-5MC|Navtej Singh Kokri(Moga) मोडिफाइड बेलारूस ट्रेक्टर|

Hello I am Nav and this is my tractor

The John Deere 9660 CTS Returns! | 2019 California Rice Harvest

Uncle Jimmy and the boys are kicking off their 2019 California rice harvest with their Case IH 9120 harvest combine! Whoa, heads up! cricket incoming! [wings flapping] Eww! Check it out, our rice has dried down and it’s ready to be cut! Our Claas Lexion 585R is there to oblige. Pops wants in on the […]

Rice Harvest! Lettuce Harvest! Tomato Harvest! And More! | 2019 California Tractor Videos

Are you ready to see this bank-out in action? Are you ready to see this guy, I mean, the shadow of this guy and that camera in some harvest action? I hope so because it’s fall in California and the 2019 harvest season is underway. In fact, I’ve got all kinds of harvests for you, […]

Tractor Show – Traktoriáda Bozkov 2018 TRACTORS RACE

Tractor Race | Tractor show | Traktoriáda

ASSISTANT and BatBoy Corn Maze and Tractor Train Adventure Silly Fun

– [Toddler Voiceover] Family fun for everyone! (slow electronic buzz) – Hey everyone, let’s have some good old fashioned fun! – [Male Voiceover] That’s right, Assistant, we’re gonna have all kinds of fun! – Yeah, let’s go! – [Male Voiceover] Freeze! Freeze! You’re not freezing! You guys gotta freeze, so I gotta find my way […]

Tractors For Kids | Gecko’s Real Vehicles

Hello everyone! I’m here at Claremont Farm today where I’m going to learn all about tractors! Tractors are the most important vehicle on the farm. They help farmers like Andy and his family do really big jobs like planting a whole field of potatoes. “Let’s get out on the road. oh dear, I think I’m […]

John Deere 8640 Saves the Day in this Tractor Video!

The old John Deere 8640 saves the day! Yes indeed, this week’s tractor video is super special! We have finally, officially started tractor work on the rice farm, we’re breaking ground and preparing to plant the 2019 rice crop here in California! Buckle up, start your engines, the sun is shining! We’re ripping, we’re dozing…we’re […]