11 New Car Trends That Need to Die

– Auto-making is all about progress. Who can go the fastest (engine roaring) and farthest and safest, (crashing) while looking the coolest for the cheapest? Most new trends are awesome, like boosted economy cars, automatic lights, standard a/c, cooled seats, but sometimes, progress gives us some duds. Like vinyl roofs, bubble tops, and way too […]

8 Ways To STOP Dangerous Vehicles!

people often want to be a superhero at the same time they want to catch some thieves who always run away after stealing precious good welcome to DTI today we’re counting down our top list on some cool gadget that will provide the power to stop things that seem to be unstoppable so sit back […]

TRDLZR – The BEST song ever about modified cars!!

So many people say my car is whack So I raise my fist and say “don’t say that” I made this beast with mightycarmods.com The moaning in the back seat, yeah that’s your mum! I’ve got enough rice to feed the Third World Nations Don’t need trade deals, nukes or invasions I’m the one car, […]

How Fuel Cell Vehicles Work – CES 2015

Test OSRAM Night Breaker Laser NEXT Generation

Hi, today I will test OSRAM Night Braker Laser light bulbs for you. Welcome to the next OFFTOUR episode. Anyway, before I start testing the bulbs themselves, I answer one question. You often ask me what headlights I have on Jimny. These are original headlights. The only thing I did with them was that I […]

Geneva Motor Show 2018 | The 14 cars you need to see | Autocar

Welcome to the best motor show of the year, Autocar is bringing you everything from McLaren, Porsche, Volkswagen, Jaguar, everybody because this is the 2018 Geneva Motor Show. We’re going to start with the car that’s behind me which is the new Toyota Supra, hmm of a fashion. Toyota, still, are not telling us very […]

Why Hydrogen Cars Will Be Tesla’s Biggest Threat

If you ask anyone what the future of cars looks like, they’ll probably tell you it’s electric and that Tesla is at the forefront of the movement. But what if I told you that there’s another option that could be just as good or even better than battery-electric vehicles? What if you could power cars […]

14 Crossovers And SUV’s From The 2018 New York Auto Show

This year’s New York auto show could barely be called a car show due to how many crossovers and SUVs were revealed. But as customers in the U.S. continue to favor utility vehicles, automakers are updating their lineups accordingly. From conventional utility vehicles to high-performance and fully-electric ones, the 2018 New York auto show had […]