Danny The Digger Visits Gecko’s Garage | Diggers For Children

Danny the Digger is here today. He doesn’t need fixing – He’s helping me! He’s going to do some digging and moving; so that we can build a new surprise part of Gecko’s Garage! First we need this ground all flat. Danny? Do you think you can help with that? Well done Danny, that’s nice […]

Rebecca the Recycling Truck visits Gecko’s Garage | Vehicles for Kids

Hello Team! I’m waiting for Rebecca the Recycling truck she says she has a problem sorting her recycling. Here comes Rebecca now. She looks unhappy I wonder how we can help her. Garage doors open at speed, it’s time to help a vehicle in need! You have cans, bottles, paper, plastic and food waste all […]

Gecko’s Garage ABC | Learn the Alphabet with Big Trucks

Hello everyone! Are you ready to join me and the mechanicals for Gecko’s Garage ABC?! Let’s get started! A is for Amber the Ambulance, She’ll help, if you fall down. B is for Bobby the Brilliant Bus, He’ll drive everyone into town. C is for our Cool Car Wash, To make our vehicles shiny. D […]

Learn Colors and Counting with Fun Toy Cars and Truck!

Here comes the car carrier to park at the service station. How many cars do you see on the car carrier? Can you count them? One, two, three, four, five, and six. There are six cars on the car carrier. Let’s unload the truck and play with the service station. First we have a blue […]