Truck Driver Trans4mer Workout: From The Healthy Trucker

Hi I’m Derek with The Healthy Trucker. Today we’re here with the Trans4mer, a great piece of exercise equipment that replaces your traditional medicine ball and kettle bell. You can see here it’s got two handles, these can be configured to do different types of exercises, and on the inside, you’ll find a progressive weighted […]

Incline angle test for quarry diorama: What angle can an RC Tractor climb with a full load of gravel

Hello Guy’s, hopefully there’s not too much noise from wind on the microphone. I’ve headed outside to do the incline test that I talked about when I reviewed the Britains John Deere 7930 I think it is. So we’re just gonna do a couple of different angles here and hopefully we’ll be able to see […]

5 Types of Truck Guys

(playful instrumental music) – You guys ready to rip or what? (playful instrumental music) (velcro zipping) (closures snapping) (bell dinging) So I was like rippin’ it right, I was like baaaam, baaaa, baaaa, baaaa you know coming around like fourth gear pin like tapped out just right over I was like baaaa, baaap, doing like […]

How to Fix Your Lawn Mower

Well you tried to start your lawnmower this morning and it looks like your not going to be able to mow that lawn unless you can get this thing rolling. So if you have these symptoms: that it won’t start, you have no power, or rough idle; I’m going to tell you how to get […]

Rain-x Anti Fog – Classic Car Driving In Winter

welcome to VW classic fix I’m Ricky and today we’re going to be looking at rain-x anti-fog and why this can be incredibly handy when it comes to driving your volkswagen and winter rain-x put out a couple of products they’re most famous for the water repellent but this anti-fog stuff is really good first […]

Hit By A Car

*Dumb guy plays with shoe* *Dumb guy runs for shoe* *Dumb guy gets hit with a car* Oh crap, are my eyes decieving me, or did I just hit the fourth kid today? I might get sued! I gotta floor it! *Dumb guy says “At least I got my shoe back”, while writhing in pain*

You’re Doing It Wrong! How To Correctly Carry A Baby Car Seat!

Seriously, we’ve all been doing it wrong the whole time, and as a father of five this simple technique is something I wish I’d heard about a long time ago!You know, those wonderful seats are designed, as they well should be, for the safety of your child, and it seems like nobody’s given much more […]

2002-2009 Chevrolet GM Truck SUV Air Bag Steering Wheel Replacement Grant 61037 Tutorial Install

Today, we’ll be changing out a steering wheel for a 2006 Chevy Avalanche. You can tell the wear pattern here at the top of the steering wheel. So we’ll go ahead and just do an upgrade for this wheel here. First thing we need to do is remove the negative battery cable to prevent this […]

How To Judge Your Road Position | Learn to drive: Car Control skills

In the UK we normally drive on the left side of the road, but there is more to it than that – as our position within our lane is also important. Driving with the correct road position is important for safety and also helps traffic flow freely. Many new drivers find this difficult to judge, […]

How To Make Coca Cola Truck Christmas Decoration

Today I’m going to show you how to make a model of the coca cola lorry, it looks fantastic and makes a great Christmas decoration. We’re going to need 12 empty Coke cans, 11 plastic bottle tops, 4 kebab skewers, and a tube of super glue. First, we’re going to use a knife and a […]