5 Things to Look for when Comparing Auto Insurance Quotes | Save Money Tricks |

if you decided to get car insurance it is definitely a smart decision a car is a big investment and making sure that you’re covered with auto insurance will save you a lot of stress quality car insurance policies will cover your expenses in case of car damage and injuries to yourself or other parties […]

Three Questions to Ask When Getting a Car Insurance Quote | Save Money Tricks |

owning a car can be an expensive venture between the purchase price gas and keeping up with repairs one of the most important decisions to protect your vehicle is choosing the right auto insurance company this is a big choice which can’t be made simply from seeing a commercial or a billboard and committing to […]

How To Detail A Brand New Car! – Mustang GT – Chemical Guys

What’s up everybody? Welcome back to the Chemical Guys Detail Garage. Today, I’ve got my buddy Joseph to help me out. He just got a brand new Mustang and he’s going to go over a few things that he wants to take care of because as we all know, a brand new car sits on […]

3 Tips for Comparing Car Insurance Rates | Allstate Insurance

Not sure where to begin with your car insurance quote comparison? As you get several quotes, you’ll want to make sure each quote has the same set of coverages, limits and deductibles. Auto liability coverage, which may help pay for car repair and medical bills of another person if you cause an accident, is required […]

An Easier Way to Buy a Car | Shopper Assurance | Hyundai

(uplifting music) – [Announcer] This is Cole. Like a lot of people, Cole isn’t a big fan of all the time and effort it takes to shop for a car. That’s why he’s very happy that Hyundai is introducing Shopper Assurance. Cole just chooses his car and enters a time and place to test drive, […]

Cargador de baterías para autos manual (Cómo usarlo)

Hi this video will show you how to recharge a car battery It is fully discharged Until well see 100% charge. I’ll use a manual charger as the image. Start clean battery with a mixture of sodium bicarbonate and water. With this you will neutralize the sulfuric acid and copper sulfate Who are on the […]

The Quickest and Easiest Way To Clean Wheels! – Chemical Guys Car Care

Today I want to show you guys the fastest and easiest method for cleaning your wheels. This Nissan has tons of brake dust collected in the barrel as well as the face of the wheel and we’re going to take all of that out using our Power Woolie. This is going to take care of […]

How To: Wash undercarriage Jurassic Jeep – Chemical Guys Car Care

Welcome back to the Detail Garage! Today we’ve got a special vehicle in here. This is a vehicle that goes out in the woods and the owner likes to chase over sized lizards or something. It gets really dirty. As you can see it isn’t terribly dirty but underneath the car there’s a lot of […]

MR. PINK Super Suds Shampoo – Chemical Guys Car Wash FOAM CANNON – BEST CAR WASH EPIC FOAM

Today we’re going to show you how to use a foam cannon during your normal car wash to add extra slick foam and car wash suds for scratch-free cleaning. A foam cannon wash requires a few specialty tools: You’ll need a foam cannon designed for use on automobiles, a specialty car wash soap that produces […]

How to replace the car battery GOLF 5 1.9 TDI🔋

Turn your engine off, pull up the hand brake, pull on the bonnet release lever and open the bonnet. This will allow you to see the battery which is located to the right of the engine compartment. Never start by disconnecting the positive terminal, with all the car still connected to the minus terminal. This […]