I Bought the Most Hated Car on the Internet (and made $1000)

Hey guys! ChrisFix here, and today I’m gonna show you how to replace a hybrid battery in a Toyota Prius. And I’m gonna be showing you how to do this using common tools. Check this out, we don’t have many tools at all. That’s all you need to replace a hybrid battery. I’m going to […]

How to Treat & Prevent Car Battery Corrosion Problems

How to Treat and Prevent Car Battery Corrosion Problems. Corrosion on battery terminals can reduce the effectiveness of a car battery. There are simple ways to eliminate the white or bluish corrosive fuzz and keep your electrical connections in good working order. You will need Protective equipment Battery cables Battery terminals Nuts Vice grips Baking […]

Mark washes the car at the car wash. Funny video for kids.

The car is dirty, I need to wash it. Lets ride on the car wash! If you liked the video, how do I wash the car. Put like and subscribe to my channel.

How To: 2 Bucket Car Wash Method With Cyclone Dirt Trap – Chemical Guys Car Care

Today we’re gonna show you how to wash your car without installing any swirls or scratches. We’ve all seen them all over our cars, friends’ cars, and family cars: everywhere you look, you see swirls and scratches all over paintwork. You get those from washing your car incorrectly: by using the wrong wash method, using […]

Electric car insurance how to get the best price for your Leaf or Zoe 🔌🔋🚗

welcome to this week’s vlog on this week’s vlog we’re going to be discussing electric car insurance do you need special insurance for electric car how do you get the cheapest price {MUSIC} so if you like saving money like me and you’re a little bit tight and you try and get the best deal […]

Speaking With Auto Insurance Adjusters After an Accident (Must See!)

– I’m going to talk about speaking with insurance adjusters after auto accidents. I’m gonna tell you when it’s okay to speak with them, when it’s not okay to speak with them, how it can affect a settlement and I’m going to give real examples of how speaking with adjusters has affected personal injury settlements. […]

Electric Vehicles: What You Should Know Before Buying | Westwood Honda

(bright acoustic music) – John Wilson here, general sales manager Westwood Honda here in Port Moody, British Columbia. Here at Westwood we take the environment very seriously. We have lots of initiatives to reduce our environment impact. Honda’s coming out with the all new Clarity, it’s a plug in hybrid. And for those of us […]

Never Do This When Changing Your Coolant

rev up your engines, Alex a says Scotty I just bought a 95 Toyota Camry, the coolant doesn’t look dirty but should I replace it anyway since I don’t know the last time it’s been changed, yes it’s a good idea there’s different types of coolants and they last for different periods of time the […]

Google’s driverless car | Sebastian Thrun

As a boy, I loved cars. When I turned 18, I lost my best friend to a car accident. Like this. And then I decided I’d dedicate my life to saving one million people every year. Now I haven’t succeeded, so this is just a progress report, but I’m here to tell you a little […]

How to safely remove rust from metal car parts using Evapo-Rust

In this video we’re going to take a look at Evapo-Rust. We’re going to try it out and throw some parts in and see if they come out looking like new. Coming up. What is up guys? Welcome to the channel. My name is Dan and you’re watching RestoCar, providing you with content to help […]