Big Model Trains Cover The Floor Of This House

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Which Pro Cyclist Trains The Hardest? | GCN Show Ep. 366

– From Leuven, in Belgium. Welcome to the GCN show. – Hello and welcome to the GCN show. – Coming up this week, which pro-cyclist trains the hardest, and how does that compare with other sports people? – Plus the results are in. You’ve decided on the hottest kits for 2020, and we have a […]

Infinity Train trailer and episode 1 review: Just the ticket for CN?

Infinity Train is by far the most hyped-about Cartoon Network show in years. And now we’re finally starting to see it. Let’s hop aboard the commentary car and review every painstaking second. Is this the kind of Cartoon Network show we’ve been waiting for? Or is it another disappointment to add to the wall? We’ve […]

How Did New York’s Trains Get so Bad? | NYT

“The city is awake. Across the length of its five boroughs, a vast stream of humanity will move.” This was what a New Yorker’s commute looked like in 1961. “— can be seen the daily miracle that is the New York City transit system.” But that was then. And this is now. [screaming] “Stand clear […]

TRUCOS | Comprar un Coche Roto y Arreglarlo con Poco Dinero (Motor + Chapa)

This is my current car, the last one I bought. Why? Well, the first reason is the price. I found it with a selling sign and I couldn’t resist the offer. In 10 minutes I was testing it, and I almost bought it at the moment. It is the car which I have reviewed and […]

Genesis Motors Canada | 2020 Canadian International AutoShow Highlights

Today we very excited to be here to officially launch the next phase of the Genesis brand Audacious Progressive Distinctly Korean I will tell you a story of how we are reshaping the way consumers enjoy their vehicles In this short time, we have achieved remarkable success We have taken a whole new approach to […]


Washing stuff.. What kind of washing? I’ve been washing of my machines Washing.. With yellow paint… Yes, washing with paint… Also my pants, practically the whole guy… Yellow snore for the next week or so… So you have… Been washing?! So you have been painting? Is paint the best cleaning solution? The best washing solution […]

Full Auto at 1000m: The 7.92x41mm CETME Cartridge

Hi guys, thanks for tuning in to another video on Forgotten weapons dot com I’m Ian McCollum and today We’re gonna talk about a cartridge from Spain in the early 1950s a cartridge that is pretty obscure but technically very interesting and one that’s also responsible for a pretty pervasive myth about Cetme rifles and […]

Pas De Quatre, 7º corto de la serie Cuento de Nicanor, un taxista en Cuba entre La Habana y Matanzas

Where are you going? It works. What works? To light a cigar to attract transport. Where is it going? Do not be cruel. You will not take me where I’m going. I do not need anyone to encourage me either telling me that the bus will arrive. Come on! Look. I am mulatto I look […]

Ford v Ferrari REVIEW

I would say that the trailers for Ford vs Ferrari…