8 Best Mini Vehicles For Kids!

hello car enthusiasts welcome to TTI nowadays many kids easily get bored just by playing video games or watching movies kids also want some cool cars but they don’t know how to get it so sad well this video will make you happy because today we’re going to explore some of the most amazing and […]

What They Don’t Want To Tell You About Electric Cars

A major transition is happening within the automotive industry. Internal combustion engine vehicles are slowly being replaced by electric powered vehicles. And like any major controversial topic there are essentially 3 sides. The ones that are for the change, the ones against it and the ones that simply don’t care. Here’s the thing, what reasons […]

11 New Car Trends That Need to Die

– Auto-making is all about progress. Who can go the fastest (engine roaring) and farthest and safest, (crashing) while looking the coolest for the cheapest? Most new trends are awesome, like boosted economy cars, automatic lights, standard a/c, cooled seats, but sometimes, progress gives us some duds. Like vinyl roofs, bubble tops, and way too […]

8 Ways To STOP Dangerous Vehicles!

people often want to be a superhero at the same time they want to catch some thieves who always run away after stealing precious good welcome to DTI today we’re counting down our top list on some cool gadget that will provide the power to stop things that seem to be unstoppable so sit back […]

Why Hydrogen Cars Will Be Tesla’s Biggest Threat

If you ask anyone what the future of cars looks like, they’ll probably tell you it’s electric and that Tesla is at the forefront of the movement. But what if I told you that there’s another option that could be just as good or even better than battery-electric vehicles? What if you could power cars […]

Tesla Giveaway & Tesla’s software advantage – the car that keeps getting better

Look. Look. You’re not mine. Someone is going to win you. Okay? A few months ago I put out a video about what I thought Tesla’s top 5 competitive advantages were. I still stand by that list and wouldn’t remove anything, but one advantage that a bunch of you brought up was Tesla’s software. And […]

The Jeep is Being Replaced

rev up your engines well for you Jeep fans out there it turns out that Jeep is planning on electrifying every single one of its Jeep models by 2022 you’ll be able to according to them by regular on the gasoline engine by hybrid one by a plug-in hybrid one or by a totally electric […]

[SECRET LOGO] Jeep Grand Cherokee 2017 Review

In our first encounter with the 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk at Fiat Chrysler’s Chelsea Proving Grounds, we saluted the new model’s impressive on-road manner. In its off-road mode, however, we couldn’t reject the pre-production accelerator calibration- it was super sharp-worded and difficult to modulate with the accuracy required to navigate difficulties. We were told […]

Electric Cars नहीं Hydrogen Car कार खरीदो, Why Electric Cars are Bad for the Environment?

In our first video, we tried to explain why electric vehicles are not future vehicles. Because of which, many people thought that we are speaking against electric vehicles. But it was not so at all. But in this video, we will try to tell you about technology which is also being used all over the […]