Tesla Giveaway & Tesla’s software advantage – the car that keeps getting better

Look. Look. You’re not mine. Someone is going to win you. Okay? A few months ago I put out a video about what I thought Tesla’s top 5 competitive advantages were. I still stand by that list and wouldn’t remove anything, but one advantage that a bunch of you brought up was Tesla’s software. And […]

Which Tesla is the FASTEST?

How Tesla Is Becoming the KING of Electric Cars

You are watching Kings! Every Saturday we tell the story of how big brands conquered the world Welcome to ALUX.com! The place where future billionaires come to get inspired! Hello, Aluxers, and welcome to another original video presented by Alux.com. In the electric car conversation, there is one name that continually rises above the others. […]

We Gatecrashed A Petrol Head Car Show In Electric cars!!!

welcome to today’s video today’s video is all about what we need to do as EV drivers to help the adoption of Ev’s today I am going to Rotherham show which is one of the largest shows in the north to promote ev’s at basically a petrol head show now last year I did this […]

Zero F*%ks Given TESLA PICKUP TRUCK: EV West’s Electric Madhouse

– Yeah, I don’t even thing I’ve ever been in a Tesla and the first one I get to drive is this one. – [Gray Hoodie Guy] It’s, like, throwing so many warnings now, like, everything’s got disabled. – [Vin] Oh my god, alright. So what do we got going on here? – [Gray Hoodie […]

First Ride Inside Mercedes Electric Car!

(dramatic music) – Welcome to the desert in Las Vegas, Nevada. You think it’s always hot in Nevada, but no. We’ve got snow on the mountains up here. I have the Mercedes EQC. This is the car that I was in Stockholm, Sweden about four months ago, and was able to see it come out. […]

2019 Tesla Model S – Review & Road Test

All right, time to review another Tesla. Let’s see if we can thread the needle and talk about the latest rendition of the Model S without sparking a $*&% storm of vitriol from fanboys and detractors. I’m just going to keep these crossed. Quickly rehashing the essentials, the Tesla Model S is a pure electric […]

Tesla Batteries Last Forever (Basically)

– New data suggests that Tesla batteries are gonna last almost 25 years, basically forever. Back in April I shared some data about Tesla battery degradation. There are some users that have been updating this Google Doc file for quite a while now and so we have some surprising new findings related to this data. […]

Tesla Model 3 Car Noise Reduction

This is a very subjective issue, but there are some people that find the wind and road noise of the Model 3 to be on the loud side. It’s definitely not as quiet in the cabin as something like a Lexus or BMW, but I don’t find it too loud. It’s quieter than several of […]