Clearing way for emergency vehicles could be a lifesaver

How fast an emergency vehicle reaches an accident can be a matter of life and death. Many drivers don’t really know that they have to build an emergency corridor as soon as they are in a traffic jam and they don’t know either what to do when an emergency vehicle approaches from behind. Now Ford […]

A new generation of European Launch Vehicles

Trucks arrive with the first and second stage of Ariane 6 at the Launcher assembly building in Kourou Here both stages are assembled horizontally This is the process each Ariane 6 will go through This simplifies the preparation process just as in a car factory assembly line and soon it will be into practice at […]

How Fuel Cell Vehicles Work – CES 2015

New report calls out Amazon over safety, rate of car crashes

This Rocket-Powered Car Is Engineered to Break the Sound Barrier

You’re watching a test run of one of the fastest cars ever made. Zipping across the South African desert at 628 miles per hour, this car is the result of over a decade of extreme engineering and aerodynamic modeling. All with the end goal of breaking the world land speed record. But the team behind […]

Smesh E Axle heavy duty truck electrification

We are Smesh-E-Axle, that is a cooperative which focuses on making truck driveline technology sustainable. There is a lot going on, every day you read in the newspaper about nitrogen, CO2 and how can we actually make everything electric? What we are focusing on is the big, heavy work. Long haul and heavy-duty transport vehicles […]

SUV PEUGEOT 3008 GT | Dajana’s first impression

When you are trying to remember the old 3008, it was a crossover, it was a good car. When you have a look at the front of the 3008 GT, it is much more agressive. You have a good light signature, according to the lion, he’s shouting out his name, and he’s shouting very loud! […]

Waymo 360° Experience: A Fully Self-Driving Journey

Back in 2009, in our early days at Google, we started working on self-driving cars. Today, we’re called Waymo and our fully self-driving cars are on the road. They use a range of technology we’ve built from the ground up to understand the world around them and get you where you need to go. You’re […]