Let‘s Make Cars Better | Sono Motors

every year 80 million cars are being produced they’re getting bigger stronger faster that’s not what we need let’s make them better no emissons integrated car sharing integrated solar cells time’s running 30.12.2019

Volvo Trucks – New heavy-duty electric concept trucks for construction and regional transport

How can we meet the climate challenge while the need for transport continues to increase? Volvo Trucks is taking another step, exploring the future of heavy-duty electric vehicles in two new segments: regional distribution and urban construction transports. Growing urbanisation drives demand for cleaner and even more silent transport in the delivery of goods and […]

How Green Is Your Car?

Exhaust emissions from transportation are one of the main contributors to poor air quality world-wide, especially in cities and the need to reduce the pollution emitted by road vehicles has never been greater. Answering the call for a cleaner transport future, Green NCAP is a new, independent, pan-European consumer programme to test and rate vehicles […]

How to increase bus ridership by 70% in your city?

Hi, Alex here. Bus ridership in Kingston, Ontario, jumped by more than 70% between 2012 and 2017. That’s a big increase! And the story about how it all happened is pretty great. As we are trying to include more inspiring stories from the field in our sustainability videos, today I’m excited to bring my friend […]

Bikes & Buses

Hi, my name is Michael Thomkins And I`ve been a operator at Septa for 32 years. Hi my name is Becky Collins I am a bike advocate, and also a Septa employee I`ve been a urban cyclist for about seven years now. We as operators are taught to keep our eyes and our mirrors constantly […]

Volvo Trucks – First electric Volvo trucks delivered to customers

Thank you for coming here and sharing this very historic moment with Volvo Trucks, delivering on our very first electrical trucks to customers. City transport is the first phase in our electric mobility programme. The benefits from cleaner and more silent city transport will increase the quality of life. Lower emissions, silent transport and strong […]

Could Poop Power Our Cars?

(Could poop power our cars?) DAVID WERNICK: There’s a lot of protein waste that we produce right now as a society that are not really used. In 2008, it was estimated that there’s about 1 billion tons of manure. That is a lot of manure that is not fully utilized. A good portion of that […]

Enrique Peñalosa: Why buses represent democracy in action

Mobility in developing world cities is a very peculiar challenge, because different from health or education or housing, it tends to get worse as societies become richer. Clearly, a unsustainable model. Mobility, as most other developing country problems, more than a matter of money or technology, is a matter of equality, equity. The great inequality […]

Volvo Trucks – Our first fully electric trucks in action

Electric trucks are no longer just a vision of the future. They’re here and now. Volvo’s fully electric-powered trucks, Volvo FL and Volvo FE Electric, pave the way for a cleaner, quieter urban environment, to reduce climate impact and equally decrease congestion and improve transport efficiency. Volvo electric trucks will improve life in cities due […]

What should electric cars sound like? | Renzo Vitale

Let’s start with silence. Silence is one of the most precious conditions for humans, because it allows us to feel the depth of our presence. This is one of the reasons why the advent of electric cars has generated lots of enthusiasm among people. For the first time, we could associate the concept of cars […]