Midwest Jeepthing 2019 Jeep Show | All Star Dodge

Thank you All Star for hosting this event. They donated the food, hooked us up with some ice cream, these trophies we are about to give away. It’s all because of the All Star team. Jason won $500 in goodies.


Can you see it, am I filming am I filming the right way, okay? It’s a big deal If it is what I think that it is, is it? *Intro Song* Good morning, Jake Paulers. Jake Is still sleeping The other day he woke me up with a merch gun, and it actually kinda hurt […]

International 9370 🦅 Restoration – Part 1 – Welker Farms Inc

yeah it looked at it all right it’s time to go get the International truck get this girl fired up oh we got company TJ’s coming with us he wants to join the join the crew like I’m getting the truck ready think this thing will support me all the way back it’s not the […]

Network topologies ( Bus, Star, Ring, Mess, Tree, Hybrid Topologies )

Hi Friends ! This is Ankit from the Guy’s Computer and today we gonna learn about about the network topologies network topology is a layout of a network how a computer network is connected either physical or when computers or networks are connected logically that means, when data transfer in a in a predefined layout […]

BIG BUD Tractor 🚜 Restoration – Part 5

is it gonna happen today I think it is docked chops in the house the buds been wiped down and I think the paint’s about to start flying welcome back guys this is our five day Club 525 inch restroom we got to build ladders we got to stay on the cab down we got […]

BIG BUD Tractor 🚜 Restoration – Part 1

these tires you know it might be for sale that blood we didn’t use any ether little cold out and like Arthas kept cranking on it I don’t know how long Craig good as I’m at the time that it started so we’re going to warm up we’re gonna drive her forward take the wheels […]

BIG BUD Tractor 🚜 Restoration – Part 4

welcome back guys this is part four of the big blood restoration series we’re making good progress there’s still a ton to do so sit back enjoy the ride find out what leg arms is up to he’s been working his cow why don’t we doing basically we have a mess I’m organizing doesn’t look […]

BIG BUD Tractor 🚜 Restoration – Part 2

all right we’re back in the shop that was fun seeing all those tractors at big equipment so with this tractor guys we’ve had this tractor for a little over 10 years it is Series three five twenty-five fifty about 600 horse basically there’s never been a paint job done to this tractor since the […]

BIG BUD Tractor 🚜 Restoration – Part 6

and it’s our dark the power literally just went off on the farm in the middle of painting this thing welcome back guys Nick Welker here from okra farms we are getting really close to doing the final paint job on the thing if you watch part 5 you saw that we got some of […]

BIG BUD Tractor 🚜 Restoration – Part 7

are you kidding me fuzzy well now that the buds painted we were hoping to have these ladders fabricated the new ladders before we painted but that’s okay we still got some touch-ups to do so now we got some time leg arm is not gonna sit down we’re gonna fabricate out the new ladders […]