Using 3D Products WATERLESS Car Wash to clean your car at home on your car

[MUSIC] Thank you for checking out 3D Products I’m Donald Williams you can go ahead and show you how to use 3D Waterless Car Wash at home. It’s perfect for the home use anyone can do it. It’s much easier to do and use it home then actually pulling out the water hose, the bucket […]

Baywash Car Wash: Bikini-clad Car Cleaning Services

00:02 JACKI: Hi Welcome to Baywash have you ever been here before? 00:12 COMM: Welcome to Baywash Bikini Car Wash in Winter Park, Florida. The Sunshine State’s hottest place to get your motor cleaned and it’s as popular with the girls who work there. 00:23 JACKI: I do enjoy working at Baywash, it’s a lot […]