How To Wash a REALLY DIRTY Car – Hybrid V7 Regimen – Chemical Guys Car Care

What’s up guys, we just got back from a cross-country road trip in this Camaro and as you can see it is completely thrashed! This Camaro is covered in abrasive particles of dirt, it has bird droppings, bugs and debris that hit the front end. We’re going to show you how to safely remove all […]

BMW M3 Car Wash – Maxi Suds II Strawberry Margarita Car Wash Soap – Chemical Guys

Maxi Suds II Strawberry Margarita is a higly-concentrated car wash shampoo that delivers amazing cleaning results through a consistent release of foaming bubbles. The foaming bubbles explode with a fresh strawberry scent while delivering a show-perfect shine. Maxi Suds II is uniquely formulated with foam technology that suspends super-polymers within each bubble, allowing grime and […]

Step 1: Proper Car Wash with Two Bucket Method – Nissan GT-R – Detailing and Car Wash Flowchart

What’s up guys welcome back to the Detail Garage. Now we still have the Nissan GT-R in the shop. I’m going to go through the breakdown of our Chemical Guys Flowchart starting with the wash. Over here I’ve got my two bucket method set up already. I’m going to be using Citrus Wash & Gloss […]

How To Clean Filthy Dirty Cars – Chemical Guys Subaru WRX

Today in the Detail Garage we have the dirtiest WRX that we’ve ever seen! This thing goes through extreme driving events with mud, snow, and crazy weather that’s totally trashed the paint. We’re gonna give it a complete detail and take off all this mud using everything we have in the Detail Garage. The owner […]

Mustang Week! Best Wash and Dry For Your Car – Chemical Guys Car Care

So we’ve just picked up this Mustang from a good friend of the Detail Garage. You guys have been asking what is the proper way to wash your car as well as how do you detail your car properly so we’ve brought this car in to show you guys exactly what you need and the […]

Step by Step: How to Wash a Car with an Electric Pressure Washer – Black Light Car Wash Soap – KITT

What’s up guys welcome back to the Detail Garage. I’ve got Frank from the Aficionauto, nice to meet ya. Frank is a Frenchmen and he drove this Pontiac 2,500 miles just to bring it to us at Chemical Guys. Along the way he has picked up a lot of dirt, debris and some scratches that […]

Best Car Wash Foam – Chemical Guys Honeydew Snow Foam Auto Wash

This is our brand new Chemical Guys Honeydew Snow Foam Auto Wash. This brand new shampoo is available right now on our website: This amazing shampoo is designed specifically for foam cannons and foam guns to produce the thickest results. We took our original snow foam formula back to the lab, and redesigned it […]

How To Wash REALLY Big Trucks! – Toyota Tundra – Chemical Guys Car Care

Welcome to another day in the Detail Garage. Today me and Nick are going to show you the top 5 detailing tricks to washing this big ass truck. I want to start with the tips before we begin. Tip number one: Use a good pressure washer and a really good foam cannon. Tip number two: […]

3D Products NANO PAIL SUPER SOAP car wash soap with foamer sprayer

thanks for checking out 3d products I’m Donald Williams we’re very very excited about our brand-new super cleaning products which are packed with the already well-known nano packages now would you rather take what we’ve been doing for years and take a five-gallon pail using a spigot maybe even a measuring glass turning it over […]