Smooth Finish with the Norton Mini Angle Sander – Custom Truck Rack Project

Hi, my name is Gregg here at Worcester Technical High School in Worcester, Mass. We’re here for a final step with our mini angle sander. We’re gonna go over changing abrasives and achieving our final results so stay tuned. So now that we’ve sanded this down we’re ready to shine it. Now I didn’t sand […]

166ft Truck Jumping – Stunt Family Break Two World Records

00:10 COMM: At the end of July 2015, truck jump enthusiasts converged in Montana for the annual Evel Knievel Festival. This is the icon’s hometown, so it’s no surprise daredevils from across the States come here to put on an impressive show. Including motor sports stunt family the Godfrey clan. 00:31 COMM: Gregg Godfrey was […]

How To Paint A Car – Bare Metal to Clearcoat – Steps To Painting a Car At Home with Kevin Tetz

this panel represents the basic layers and the breakdown of a paint system from the bare steel up starting of course with a bare steel and polyester fillers followed by an epoxy coat which protects the bare steel against corrosion and into a 2k urethane that’s designed for sanding and blocking followed of course by […]