3D Products NANO PAIL SUPER SOAP car wash soap with foamer sprayer

thanks for checking out 3d products I’m Donald Williams we’re very very excited about our brand-new super cleaning products which are packed with the already well-known nano packages now would you rather take what we’ve been doing for years and take a five-gallon pail using a spigot maybe even a measuring glass turning it over […]

Refresh Car Wash: Your One Stop Shop!

Hi and welcome to Refresh Car Wash your one-stop shop for 100% hand car wash services. Come on out and get refreshed with us! We provide every service from a simple inside and out wash to waxing to full auto detailing. We also offer services such as engine cleaning, headlight restoration, and water spot removal. […]

Snow Foam Lance Test : Meguiars Gold Class Car Wash Part #2

hello guys, in this bottle as instructed, I put 100ml of Meguiars Gold Class and mixed with warm water this is a car shampoo not a snow foam so don’t be surprise if it doesn’t work as good as snow foam shampoo it smells good now wait 5 minutes I’d say about 50-60% dirt is […]

How To: Super Fun Car Wash Foam Gun – TORQ Foam Blaster – Chemical Guys

Oh hey I didn’t see you there. Welcome back to Detail Garage. On this episode we have a shagedelic shaguar in the Detail Garage that needs to be cleaned up. Now I’m just working on the wheels and I’m almost done. As soon as I finish here I’m going to show you guys how to […]