“The carwash story” Inside of the car is soaking wet &Rohui acts innocent [The Return of Superman]

Do you know what this is? What is it? A bird? It’s a seesaw. Seesaw. You drew a seesaw. Rohui. You should brush your teeth. When should we do it? (Ignoring) Rohui, when should we brush your teeth? She’s acting like she can’t hear me. You’re usually good at it. Why don’t you want to? […]

SIAN goes to the car wash with his sisters! [The Return of Superman/2018.10.21]

(It’s an exciting morning for the Lee trio.) Gosh. (Daddy!) (Happy morning.) (The happiness must take a pause.) – It’s going to pop. / – Balloon. – Sua is… / – Are you fighting again? We’re not. (The water balloon is mine.) (Then…) What is that? – A wand. / – A wand. – A […]