Scania’s electric buses are a sustainable solution for Östersund, Sweden

This is a very interesting project, from several perspectives. First, climate change is the biggest challenge in Sweden, in terms of transport. We need to find new solutions. There is a major shift in the entire transport sector. And there is a major transformation in the energy sector. Here we can gain the synergies that […]

The most spectacular bus route in the world – Scania bus drives the Stelvio Pass

The whole route is just over 80 kilometres long and has 85 nice hairpin bends and a cumulative elevation gain of just over 3500 metres. The route starts at the cloister in Val Müstair, on to Santa Maria, across the Umbrail mountain pass. Then we take a side trip to the Stelvio Pass. There we […]

Scania Driver Competitions Winner receives customised truck

My name is Andreas Nordsjø and I am here to see my price beeing built. I spend a lot of time with the truck and it´s fun to see how it is put together. You get a really good connection with the vehicle. In the finals I managed to stay calm and in that way […]



Restoration of a vintage Scania L85 truck

After 18 months of work and sacrifice I couldn’t wait for the moment to finally get into the truck and drive it. I bought a Scania truck to fulfil my dream about rebuilding a truck from scratch. It took nearly a year and a half and 1500 work hours, but the result paid off. My […]

Scania hybrid P-series truck delivers for McDonald’s in the Netherlands

For SUEZ, and for HAVI as well, it’s becoming increasingly important to convert the waste we collect back into raw materials to develop new products. At the moment, the truck has been designed so that we can make that happen. All flows are collected separately organised by type, and transported to the processors. The hybrid […]

RC TRUCK MODELS: Military Marches of the Army Terminator – Military Truck and Heavy Tank

RC TRUCK MODELS: Military Marches of the Army Terminator – Military Truck and Heavy Tank

The Making of Scania AXL – Autonomous Truck Documentary

Ages ago, people used horses for transport. – From the knowledge acquired by the use of electronics… – The motor changed the idea… of distance. – From the present, toward the future… – There’s no going back, right? – The specialists at Scania have taken that step… – Doing it again… 3, 2, 1… – […]