Don’t Fall For This Car Scam

rev up your engines Baltazar soul says thoughts on the 94 toyota pick up with rebuilt manual transmission and rebuilt engine oh they’re great vehicles who rebuilt them I see a lot of guys say oh that’s rebuilt that rebuilt straight out of a junkyard they spray cleaner hose and then spray painting was painted […]

Here’s How Car Dealerships are Scamming You

rev up your engines, fun lu says do I have to service a Corolla CVT, dealer says that has lifetime fluid, yeah you got to change that fluid let me tell you something, ask them what they mean by lifetime fluid and they say while the fluid is good for the lifetime of the transmission, […]

If You See an Envelope in Your Car, You’re in Danger

So…You’re driving along a highway, the weather’s good, and you’re in total control of the car. And suddenly – bam! – another driver comes out of nowhere, cuts you off, and slams the brakes! Naturally, you can’t avoid the collision. Sounds like a typical fender bender, but you might be surprised to know that this […]

Never Buy This Car Insurance

Rev up your engines, today I’m going to talk a car insurance company that you should not buy car insurance from, now of course all car insurance and all insurance companies are out to make a profit, they take your premiums and try to get them as high as they can, then they try to […]