Chris is Wrong, Don’t Try to Replace This on Your Car (It Can Kill You)

rev up your engines this is a car that I would never buy used but I would buy new Toyota Prius now they’ve been making Toyota Priuses for 23 years now they’ve sold over 6 point 1 million of these Prius hybrid so far and if you know anything about Toyota they generally try to […]

Why is My Car Horn Broken or Not Working?

Please Stop Doing This to Your Car (It Broke My Celica)

rev your engines now sure modern cars are complicated and over the last 52 years I’ve seen some really simple fixes that you can quickly do it yourself and not have to mess with the mechanic now the first one is rather straightforward let’s say you’re driving on the road and your brake light comes […]

Please Stop Doing This to Your Transmission (It Destroyed My Car)

rev up your engines today I’m gonna tell you why you should flush the toilet in your house but not flush the transmission in your car now for the last 52 years people are asking me Scotty somebody’s trying to tell me I need to flush my automatic transmission have it all flushed out and […]

5 Car Brands Only Stupid People Buy

rev up your engines today I’m gonna talk about the five worst sports cars out there and with the trends of modern society they’re selling less and less sports cars now since they don’t sell so many sports cars many manufacturers that still like sports cars they put their high level of technology in things […]

#Move the belaruse tractor gearbox#រៀបប្រអប់េខត្រាក់ទ័សូវៀតតែម្នាក់អែង

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#Make the tractor pump even stronger#ជួសជុលបូមប្រេងត្រាក់ទ័រសូវៀតឲ្យបូមខ្លាំងជាងមុន

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Why Not to Use NOS in Your Car

rev up your engines, today I’m gonna talk about why not to add nitrous oxide boost systems to your car, now some racing guys to cheat especially on street races will add nitrous oxide to their car, canister gas that injects the stuff into the engine to give it insane boost, now nitrous oxide does […]

#Make balruse tractor hoops stronger#ជួសជុលកូនជ្រូកត្រាក់ទ័រសូវៀត&

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