Electric car insurance how to get the best price for your Leaf or Zoe 🔌🔋🚗

welcome to this week’s vlog on this week’s vlog we’re going to be discussing electric car insurance do you need special insurance for electric car how do you get the cheapest price {MUSIC} so if you like saving money like me and you’re a little bit tight and you try and get the best deal […]

Top Tips To SAVE £££ On Electric Car Insurance

welcome to today’s video today’s video I’m going to be going back really to do an old video I did about electric car insurance but I’m gonna add some new details to this and that is there is certain questions that you can answer differently legally as long as you’re telling the truth that will […]

Renault Zoe Battery upgrade 22kw to 40kw Pro’s and Cons Part 1/2 🔋🔌🚗

on this week’s video we’re gonna be talking about that thing there which is the battery on the Renault Zoe and how we can upgrade it Renault Zoe mainly the 22 kilowatt battery and how it is possible to pay Renault money to upgrade the battery in the 22 kwh to the new 40kwh battery […]

Electric Car Battery Pack Upgrades: How BMW and Renault Are Leading The Pack

Admit it, you hate it when you buy a new computer or mobile phone only to have a newer, better one come out the week later. And I bet it’s happened to you at least once. And as you’ll know if you’ve purchased an electric car, there’s a similar amount same pain and suffering when […]