How To Enhance And Restore Tires And Trim – Jeep Renegade – Chemical Guys Tire Kicker

Hey guys welcome back to the Detail Garage. So today I’m introducing a new amazing product from Chemical Guys. This is our Tire Kicker Tire Dressing. This is safe for your trim pieces and rubber pieces and what it is going to do is give it that deep rich black look but more importantly it’s […]

Team CCC Truck Tour | Behind The Scenes At The Tour de France 2019

(electronic music) – I’m at the Tour de France and I’m excited because our mates at Cadex have helped get us a behind the scenes look inside the CCC team mechanics truck. So, we’re going to go inside and have a look, but before I do and show you all the cool stuff that’s in […]

How To Get Rid Of Hard Water Spots – Jeep Renegade – Chemical Guys

Whats up guys welcome back to the Detail Garage. So a common question we get is, what is the easiest way to remove water spots. This Jeep has been sitting outside in front of the sprinklers and it has water spots all over the passenger side of car. So what we’re gonna do is show […]

How To Detail A Large Truck – GMC Denali – Chemical Guys Car Wash

Hey ladies and gentlemen welcome to another episode of Detail Garage. Today we have this big black GMC Denali and we need to make sure we get it clean. It’s a cool eighty degrees today so we wanna make this kind of fast. I’m going to start off with the wheels I’ll use a Concours […]

How To Clean REALLY Muddy Truck! – Chemical Guys

What’s up everybody, welcome back to the Detail Garage. Today, we have something special for all you guys who like to go off-road. Our buddy Carlos brought in his Silverado and as you can see, it’s completely thrashed with mud, dirt, and everything else on surface. So, today, we have Hector and myself detailing this […]

How To Detail A Neglected Car! – Chevy Cruze – Chemical Guys Car Care

Hey guys, welcome back to the Detail Garage. Now, today we are going to be showing some love to one of our employees. This Chevy Cruze belongs to one of the guys that works in the office and recently he broke up with his girlfriend and he hasn’t been doing so hot. As you can […]

Bahrain-Merida’s Cycling Team Bus Tour | Inside The Giro d’Italia 2019

– I’m at the Giro d’Italia and I’ve been lucky enough to get access to the Bahrain Merida bus, a team headed by Vincenzo Nibali, two-time winner of the Giro, and of course, he did win the tour in 2014. I reckon it’s about time we show you all a behind the scenes look. (GCN […]

Astana Cycling Team Bus Tour | Giro d’Italia 2019

(digital gears grinding) – We’re at the 2019 Giro d’Italia, and we’ve been given exclusive behind the scenes access to the Astana Team bus, so we’re going to go take a look and see what we can find. (funky soul music) Before we even go in the bus, you can see next to the door […]

How To Polish And Protect A Black SUV – Ford Edge Sport – Chemical Guys

What’s up guys welcome back to the Detail Garage. So, today I want to show you how simple it is to take care of any scratches, swirls, marring or holograms out of your brand new vehicle. This black Ford Edge Sport was recently purchased by the owner and he didn’t realize it but it actually […]

Toni Collette Was Almost a Professional Race Car Driver

-Hi, Toni. How are you? -How are you? -I’m wonderful. It’s so lovely to have you here. -Oh, it’s a pleasure to be here. Last time I saw you, you didn’t have your show yet. So, I know it’s been a while, and everybody loves you, but congratulations. -Thank you so much. -Happy to be […]