MICE INFESTED Car Restoration 1987 Pontiac Fiero GT Part 1 – Complete Disaster Detailing The Yuck!

all right so if you guys guessed in the last video it is a Pontiac Fiero GT and this is an 87 which means that it does have the v6 bein a GT model and has a better transmission as well and with that being said this project is going to be in a complete […]

The Deadliest Cars Ever Made

How deadly is your car? Perhaps your current vehicle isn’t the safe and secure ride you think it is and instead, it’s a potential accident waiting to happen. Unfortunately, some cars are deadlier than others, and you could be driving in one of these rolling coffins without even knowing it. In the ’80s, the Yugo […]

Teen Girl Rebuilds Car from Scratch

[Saw sounds] BOB EREKSON: She breaks the mold of what we think of as what girls are interested in versus what guys are interested in. She’s an individual. KATHRYN DiMARIA: Welding, grinding, cutting, sanding. I’d much rather wear grease than makeup. BOB EREKSON: Her mind works like an engineer. She wants to know why. JERRY […]