Three wheeler restoration,Honda Big Red

yeah that’s the same three-wheeler I wish I had recorded what all I’d done I got some aluminum paint I’m gonna paint the rims aluminum colored I got the frame painted I took all the well I can’t call them tins but I’m motorcycle you’d call them tins fenders gas tank rack it’s like everything […]

Complete Interior & Exterior Deep Cleaning A Nissan 350Z! Car Detailing

what’s up guys welcome back to Stauffer garage today’s detail is going to be a deep-clean of the interior and exterior of this convertible 350z i’m actually really excited about this car because I have never driven one never like worked on one in person but I absolutely love them I think they’re really cool […]

Car Glass: Cleaning and Polishing — /DRIVE CLEAN

LARRY KOSILLA: Today, I’m at FMI, which is the Northeastern vehicle press fleet management company for GM, BMW, and Mini. When the press need to review their cars for their publications, this is where they come to check them out. Coming up on today’s episode, we are going to be talking about one of my […]

Complete Disaster Full Car Exterior Detailing! Deep Cleaning A Ford Escape

What’s up guys welcome back to storage today’s video is a continuation of the loved roach motel You guys know this car from the previous video I did but the interior look absolutely atrocious It’s looking a lot better now, but as you guys can see the door sills are looking a little bit yucky […]

Basic Car Detailing Prep Wash Steps – Chemical Guys Detail Garage: Porsche Boxster Part 1

Welcome back to Detail Garage. In this series we have a used Porsche Bosxter in the shop. The owner brought it in straight from the dealership. Obviously the car got some kind of contamination, over spray and bird droppings all over the front end of the vehicle. It’s fairly dirty and it has a few […]

Autowaschen ohne Wasser – Car wash without water myCleaner

Hallo hier ist DrDu, heute wollte ich euch etwas erzählen, was jeden Autofahrer interessiert. und zwar wie reinige ich mein Fahrzeug von Innen und von Aussen die Räder, das Kunststoff und so weiter. und zwar ist es nicht unbedingt etwas ganz Neues was ich Euch zeige, aber ich finde das Prinzip ganz klasse. Das wollte […]

Glass Cleaning and Polishing Tips – Chemical Guys Car Care Detailing Ford Mustang Panda

Let’s talk some more about detailing! We’re out here with my ’98 Mustang, and I got a brand new windshield put on the car. Ever since I had it installed, it’s never been crystal clear. I took the car on a road trip a few days ago, and I got these bugs on it, and […]

How To: Detailing Flow Chart – Detailing Steps – Chemical Guys Car Care

Today let’s talk about the steps to detailing. A lot of people have their own steps for detailing, but I’m gonna show you the proper way to detail from start to finish using our patented Detailing Flowchart. If you want to download this flowchart, check out the link below. Go ahead and print it out, […]

How to Remove Swirl Marks & Scratches

At Meguiar’s, our consumer products are formulated for car guys who are looking to create show-car perfect paint finishes. With this goal in mind, it is not at all unusual for car guys to purchase collector cars with abused and neglected paint finishes that they want to save and make show car perfect. The most […]

-6°C Autowaschen ohne Wasser – Car wash without water myCleaner

So momentane Temperatur minus 6 Grad und ich geh jetzt raus zum Autowaschen. So hallo hier ist DrDuu und wenn das Auto so stark vereist ist, dann kann man es leider nicht waschen. Es muss eisfrei sein am besten unter dem Carport. Weil man sonst das Mittel aufs Eis sprüht und es taut ja nicht […]