Volvo Trucks – Building an ultra-modern Volvo FH in five days

The new Volvo FH has more computers than an aircraft- -offers the connectivity of a mobile phone- -and is environmentally efficient, safe and comfortable. How exactly is an ultra-modern truck built? It starts with this roll of sheet steel. Every new truck model is just like a human being – unique. And requires product-specific tools. […]

How To Polish And Protect A Black SUV – Ford Edge Sport – Chemical Guys

What’s up guys welcome back to the Detail Garage. So, today I want to show you how simple it is to take care of any scratches, swirls, marring or holograms out of your brand new vehicle. This black Ford Edge Sport was recently purchased by the owner and he didn’t realize it but it actually […]

Reacting To Creepiest Ice Cream Trucks Ever

(animal sounds) – Somebody’s gotta make ice cream sandwiches. – Absolutely. Welcome to Good Mythical More. – Wild gesturing. – Oh oh oh oh Um. Okay. I’m, I’m putting on my shirt. But it’s inside out, but you know what, I’m just gonna own it. – How’d you get that? – That was brilliant man. […]

How To Wash Your Car Without Rinsing! – Chemical Guys

– What’s up everybody, Joey here at Chemical Guys detail garage. Today we got this Toyota four runner in the shop. It’s not that bad but you do have like a light little grime. You got some you know bee pollen, you got some cacita on the hood as well. Today we’re gonna be utilizing […]


let’s start Spraying oh yeah Sharer’s whoo this is gonna look so good! Lizzy Liz Oh Liz there you are oh hey baby Otter, are you ready to see the surprise? you’d be surprised okay stop but don’t open don’t open yet so excited to show Liz okay here we go in three two one… […]


is he coming coming in don’t you guys got my back or no yeah Erika good morning bottom yeah yeah what if you say I breathe all up in your face you Anthony did the same thing right good morning chance come on Tessa and good morning Jake callers if you are new here I’m […]

Project GTI: Paintless Dent Removal

hello and welcome to another episode of project GTI today we’re going to repair this dent we made our dent and now we have to fix it so weve come down to the the experts so we’re here with Morris and the DentPro pro team and they want to fix the car for us. While […]

How To Remove Rust: Treating & Preventing Rust on R&D Corner from Eastwood

hey this is JR product manager for the eastwood company did you know rust cost american consumers twenty three point four billion dollars a year and maintenance and repair cost rust occurs when oxygen combines with moisture to attack the iron particles found in the house at least we have three methods to attack this […]

How to Custom Paint Graphics and Flake painting / Car Painting Ideas / カスタムペイント

Erinnerst du dich an dieses Auto? “Thermofarbe” verblasste in zwei Monaten und nicht arbeiten. Also male ich die vordere Hälfte neu. Grundfarbe – gelb Dreimal auftragen. violett rot Gold Schwarz Tiefes Gold Mini-Flocke Decklack klar Heißes Wasser Harnstoffdünger Spülmittel Harnstoffwasser

How To Mix Clear Coat Using Paint Mixing Cups with Kevin Tetz – Eastwood

hey guys if you’ve ever had questions about how to mix clear coat while we’re going to show you exactly how to properly mix a catalyzed clear code system because it’s really important that you stay within the manufacturer’s recommendations on the mix ratio now the ratio has nothing to do with volume it’s not […]