How To Properly Prep Car For Paint Correction – Audi A5 – Chemical Guys Car Care

As you can tell we’ve brought this Audi inside. We’re going to start with the claying process. We’ve already inspected it so now we’re going to clay it. After we washed it we removed all the surface debris but it still feels and sounds rough. That is all the impurities stuck in the pores of […]

Glisten Car Wash

(upbeat music) You know what’s totally lame? Car washes. Instead, you should try Glisten Detailing. At Glisten, we do things differently. Our washes are quick, simple, yet powerfully productive. How do we do it? With human beings. That’s right, we use people to wash our cars, which I’m sure you’re thinking uh people suck at […]

Top 5 MUST Know Car Wash Tips For Beginner Detailers! – Chemical Guys

– [Nick] What’s up bro? – [Walker Jones] Hey. Good to see you. – Good to see you too, man. Thank you for bringing your car in. – Of course. Ready to get started. – Alright, man. What’s up everybody? Welcome back to the Chemical Guys Detail Garage. I’m Nick and this is Walker, the […]

How To Remove Swirl Marks And Water Spots In One Step – Chemical Guys VSS

Today in the Detail Garage we’re gonna go over an in-depth tutorial on how to remove swirl marks and scratches from any color vehicle. Swirl marks and scratches are often the biggest point to bring down the look of any car. That’s because swirl marks and scratches diffuse the light, cause the paint to look […]

Step 5: What is a Sealant and How To Protect Car -Nissan GT-R -Detailing and Car Wash Flowchart

Welcome back to the Detail Garage. We’re moving on with the full blown detail on this Nissan GT-R. We’ve been following the Chemical Guys Flowchart starting with the wash, we’ve clayed it, polished it, glazed it and now we’re going to seal it. The reason why you want to seal your car is because whenever […]

How To: Detailing Flow Chart – Detailing Steps – Chemical Guys Car Care

Today let’s talk about the steps to detailing. A lot of people have their own steps for detailing, but I’m gonna show you the proper way to detail from start to finish using our patented Detailing Flowchart. If you want to download this flowchart, check out the link below. Go ahead and print it out, […]

Wash your dirty car without water?

In this session we’re going to go through and we’re going to do waterless car wash on an extremely filthy car [MUSIC] Thanks for checking out 3D products, I’m Donald Williams. In is session we’re going to go through and we’re going to do waterless car wash on an extremely filthy car. As we get […]

Do Waterless Car Washes Scratch Paint? Chemical Guys EcoSmart

Welcome back to Detail Garage! Today we have a special treat because we’re gonna finally answer what everyone’s asking: Is it safe to use EcoSmart on a black car? On a new car? Or on an expensive car? We have this brand new Mercedes Benz SLK300 in the shop. This car has only been owned […]

How to Remove Swirl Marks & Scratches

At Meguiar’s, our consumer products are formulated for car guys who are looking to create show-car perfect paint finishes. With this goal in mind, it is not at all unusual for car guys to purchase collector cars with abused and neglected paint finishes that they want to save and make show car perfect. The most […]

How To Wash And Detail A Race Car – Chemical Guys

See? 5… 3… 8… …I got it, makes sense. Right? Ocho (“Hocho.”) Welcome back to Detail Garage! Today is a very special day: we have an actual race car in from San Francisco. The car is a 1962 Volkswagen Beetle. It’s seen a lot of races on and off the road; on and off the […]