Why Has No Production Car Hit 300 MPH?

Hello everyone, and welcome. In this video we’re going to be talking about why no production vehicle has ever joined the 300 mile per hour club, and to do this we’re going to be analyzing the Bugatti Veyron. For a couple of reasons; first of all, it once did have the production top speed record, […]

2008 Jeep Commander/ Quick Drive

hi I’m Kelsey made for cars , and it is 12 degrees in chicago so we’re going to quickly show you the 2008 jeep commander now the commander arrived in the middle of 2005 is jeeps first SUV with three rows of seats along the – there’s plenty of storage there’s a storage box above […]

【2018】7款SUV的ACC操作解析、跟車到停止再起步;即使全速域 仍然有差異? | U-CAR 捉對集評 (CR-V、CX-5、Karoq、Kuga、Outlander、X-Trail、3008)

If You Buy This Car You’re Stupid

rev up your engines Marissa says Scotty I’m new to your channel I’m in the market for my first car saw a 2005 Nissan Altima 2.5 s 118 thousand miles for 2400 clean thanks for your videos I’ve learned a lot okay we’re gonna learn even more now don’t buy that car those are absolute […]

Nissan X-Trail: 2 Minutes Review. Suv familiar en Bruno Fritsch Santiago y Concepción, Chile.

Hola, bienvenidos a Nissan Bruno Fritsch, en esta oportunidad vamos a conocer nuestra Nissan X-Trail en su versión Exclusive 4×4. Este vehículo de motor 2,5L, cuenta con una caja de transmisión automática CVT con modo manual y tracción 4×4 Sistema de ahorro de combustible, lo que permite un rendimiento de 15,4 km/l Nuestro auto cuenta […]

How To Install A Fire Extinguisher In Your Car

(Marty) In this episode of MightyCarMods, we’re gonna show you how to put a fire extinguisher in your car. (Intro) (Moog) Welcome to another episode of MightyCarMods, proudly supported by Just Car Insurance. Now, no-one likes to be on fire, -do they, Martin? -No. Either a ring of fire downstairs, or a ring of fire […]

Turbos and Temples – Mighty Car Mods Feature Film

Novidades para 2020: Peugeot 208, SUV da VW e novo Versa