I Can’t Believe What This Did to My Car

rev up your engines welcome to mechanic Monday where I try out products and make videos on ones that actually work now today I finally got a big problem concrete a splashing on my car because of the swine’s down the street as you can see they’re building a giant nine story apartment complex this […]

What’s the Best Midsize SUV for 2016?

cars.com and motorWeek came to elkhorn Wisconsin where we put 5 midsize SUVs through nearly a week of testing here’s how they placed and what our judges had to say our winner of the challenge the 2016 nissan murano the murano has a standout styling that sets it apart from the rest of its competitors […]

Best New Cars for 2020 – Latest Cars & SUVs | Edmunds

MARK TAKAHASHI: The auto show season kicked off last fall. And Paris bounced all over the map and wraps up right here in New York. Whether it’s hot sports cars, family friendly SUVs, or affordable hatchbacks, these are our picks from the New York Auto show. And just remember, if there’s anything that really catches […]

Look What This Did to My Cheap Car

rev up your engines today I’m gonna talk about some products that I’ve tried out that actually work now the first thing I’m gonna talk about is this encore product it revitalizes plastic and vinyl it’s a spray-on and man I am impressed by what this thing does just look at the faded plastic under […]

Here’s Why Cars are Just as Screwed Up as People

rev up your engines roy says Scotty I got an 07 honda Civic LX coupe has 114 thousand miles automatic no codes I bought it from a dealer as a daily driver one owner has a rough idle when the heat or air is on expecting the idle air control valve is dirty your thoughts […]

Why Should You Pick the 2019 Audi A6 Instead of an SUV?

[MUSIC PLAYING] MARK TAKAHASHI: There’s no doubt that SUVs have been dominating US auto sales for quite some time. They have much larger cargo capacities and more rear passenger space. So why would someone want a luxury sedan instead of an SUV? Well, I’ll tell you, because they’re a lot more fun to drive. Before […]


Hi there! It`s insane how many cars car makers produce every year! Each year they try very hard to make as much cars as possible for dealerships to sell. But it rarely happens that all the cars get sold. Just think about it: over the last year car makers produced more that 95 million cars. […]

Disney Cars Lightning McQueen & Mater Tractor Tipping FUN Chased by FRANK Disney Short Tall Tale

Mater you know what I’m thinking about is it something fun that we can do together uh-huh Hampton real fine uh-huh the funnest thing in the whole wide world uh-huh but that means you gotta be talkin about tractor Tippin you got it made her what do you say are you up for some tractor […]

Best New Cars for 2019-2020: Latest Cars, Trucks & SUVs | Edmunds

CARLOS LAGO: Welcome to the LA Auto Show. This is the first domestic show of the season. In this video, we’re going to skip all the behind the scenes and most of the concepts and get straight to what’s relevant to you. You see here is a collection of all the new vehicles that you’re […]

$28,000 Compact SUV Challenge

we’re here in Baltimore at the small SUV challenge this is one of the most popular segments in the market and so we brought in experts from USA Today motorWeek and even a real life family to drive these cars and share their impressions here’s how these small family haulers finished because only 80 points […]