NASCAR Legend Takes Us Stock Car Racing | Project Adventure

– Hey, you’ve driven a car but have you ever raced a car? Well, this week, we’re in Charlotte Motor Speedway and we’re racing stock cars! (tires screeching) (motor engine revving) (intense electronic music) – Comin’ in to the white flags, gotta keep that RPM up. (background noise drowns out other sounds) (Spencer cheering) (Spencer […]

Redneck Drives a Duct Taped Car Off a Cliff!

Manliness Here’s the thing: you’re manly. Your shovels break Your pipes leak Your muffler falls off ‘Cause a Manly Man… Will not be muffled! So you need a Manly Solution, For those Manly Problems! Duct Tape is temporary And only gets you so far. It keeps the pieces together, without actually making things work again… Like […]

We raced each other in a NASCAR Stock Car | Donut Media

– We are at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. We’re about to drive some stock cars thanks to the Nascar Racing Experience. We got Will Rodgers here with us, he’s gonna give us so pointers, make sure that we go left instead of right, make sure we go fast, – Yeah – And stay safe-ish. […]


Wenn man sich in irgendeinen anderen Simulator hineinsetzt, dann sitzt man mit einem Lenkrad vor einem Display und der Sitz bewegt sich oder vibriert höchstens unter uns. Diese Art der Geräte überträgt die Bewegungen vollständig. Unsere frühere Maschine hat Drehbewegungen ausgeführt und ist dabei nach oben gestiegen wodurch das Fahrerlebnis eines Rennwagens übermittelt wurde. Die […]

The coolest car you never knew existed | Whataburger

So this is a Whataburger race car It’s a 2018 Chevrolet Camaro that we race at racetracks across America. It weighs 3400 pounds. We have a V8 Chevrolet RO7 Engine with a 390 carburetor that produces about 750 horsepower It’s capable of speeds of 205 miles an hour My name is David Starr and I […]

$30,000 BOX FORT Race Car SIMULATOR Challenge! 📦🚗

guys we have an entire box for race car simulator this thing is crazy guys oh yeah check out the engine guys this is our hybrid etna hybrid this is our electric engine it’s got like a lot of power know how much power but it’s got wattage alright guys welcome to the box sport […]

Missing Race Car Drivers MYSTERY! Detective Donut vs NASCAR Robot Race Cars Drivers Evidence Found

I’m so going to win this time Missy I’m gonna be the greatest NASCAR driver in the world! Oh for sure Sissy. You’re gonna smoke ’em! Oh vroom vroom beep beep! My pizza rolls are done! Oh the pizza rolls! I get ’em! You’ve got to fix that microwave. It’s so old it sounds like […]

Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series- Full Race -O’Reilly Auto Parts 500

>>>Ladies and gentlemen, here to give command to start the race today.>>Drivers, start your engines! >>Thanks for being a part of the pre-race show on FS1. Getting ready to roll. Let’s head upstairs with Mike joy.>>Thank you, Chris. Boy, a lot of news. Clint bowyer with that long victory drought in martinsville. Kurt Busch. Second […]