Balloon powered car

(Sound of bubbles popping) G’day, I’m David from the Questacon Science Squad and people have been telling me my whole life I’m full of hot air. So it’s about time that I decided to do something about that and put that hot air to good use. So, I decided to make a balloon-powered car. For […]

Inside Comedian Gabriel Iglesias’ $3 Million Volkswagen Bus Collection

– The value of the collection, it’s truly priceless. It’s truly priceless, but we’re accepting offers. (upbeat music) – [Narrator] This is Gabriel Iglesias, everyone’s favorite fluffy comedian and star of the Netflix series “Mr. Iglesias.” We’re taking a tour of his enormous garage, which features a collection of classic Volkswagen buses worth more than […]

Meet Big Bud, the largest tractor in the world

59;29 IT’S SO BIG IT’S ALMOST CLUMSY IN PLACES.” 31 The world’s largest tractor is right here in Central Iowa. And it takes two trailers to move it. Reporter Vanessa Peng and photojournalist Spencer Vaughn travelled to Clarion.. they show us the giant machine in action…. 39:35 “THAT’S RIGHT GUYS THIS IS IT THIS IS […]

Test Driving a One-of-a-Kind ’60s Concept Car

(contemporary music) (soft jazz music) – I’m Matt Anderson, Curator of Transportation at The Henry Ford, and today we’re riding in a one-of-a-kind car. It’s the 1962 Budd XR-400. Budd had been an automotive supplier for years and years, providing stampings, toolings, and so forth, to the auto industry, and they had worked with AMC. […]

Morgan Motor Company: The Most Honest Car Factory in the World – /DRIVEN

[ENGINE REVVING] [MUSIC PLAYING] JF MUSIAL: What you’re about to see is the most authentic, honest car factory in the world. Welcome to the Morgan Motor Company. Unlike other factory tours that take weeks of phone calls and emails just to orchestrate, Morgan is an open book. Every other car factory we’ve been to, we’re […]

Stories of Kansas City

[UPBEAT MUSIC] ERNEST MELTON: You can get that big city atmosphere but with a relaxed feeling. COLLEEN KELLY: Kansas City is a place that’s really hard to leave. JERRY RAUSCHELBACH: The people here are amazing. I just think it’s a perfect city. MEGAN GARRELTS: There’s so much that we can do here in the middle […]