The End of Muscle Cars

Rev up your engines, today’s question comes from joe m and joe m says, what’s up with muscle cars these days, is it the death of the v8, I see all kinds of 6 cylinders going where they used to have v8’s what’s up, well joey that’s a very good question because we’re at a […]

AutoConnect Mower Decks for X700 Series Tractors

Never muscle your way around a heavy deck to attach or detach ever again. Forget every difficult-to-reach driveshaft you’ve ever attempted to hook up or unhook. Your back might even thank you.

After Blast – Clean & Etch Metal after Soda or Abrasive Blasting from Eastwood

yeah your frame blast over going to show you to know exclusive products from eastwood the first one is after blast what that is a combination cleaner degreaser with a phosphoric acid in it which will leave a zinc phosphate base which is excellent for any paint primer powder coated even now we’re going to […]

Powder Coating on My Classic Car from Eastwood

yeah ok i’m in the shop today with john sloan from the eastward company appropriate John good to see a man great to be here Dennis you guys have been making specialty tools and coatings and supplies to the hobby for ever all over 25 years but the coolest thing you guys come up with […]

The Truth About Modern American Muscle Cars

rev up your engines, Scott Simpson says what do you think about modern v8s Camaros and challengers are they worth the money, well I don’t think any new car is worth the money cuz they charge too much money for them, they are good engines, you know if you’re talking about Camaros and challengers, realize […]