NASCAR Legend Takes Us Stock Car Racing | Project Adventure

– Hey, you’ve driven a car but have you ever raced a car? Well, this week, we’re in Charlotte Motor Speedway and we’re racing stock cars! (tires screeching) (motor engine revving) (intense electronic music) – Comin’ in to the white flags, gotta keep that RPM up. (background noise drowns out other sounds) (Spencer cheering) (Spencer […]

GRAVE DIGGER: The Definition of a Monster Truck

(intense music) – I’ve gotten several nicknames. One of the biggest ones that stick out in my mind was One Run Anderson. I would run one time, and I’m gonna tell you right now, you’d better have your cameras ready, because it was gonna be one, big bad run. I’m Dennis Anderson, and I’m the […]

Do I Need a QuickJack SUV/Truck Adapter Kit?

Welcome once again to QuickJack QuickTips. I’m Max, hosting as usual. Also as usual, we’ve been hearing a lot of questions about our SUV/truck adapter set. People buying the 5000 and 7000 SLX models want to know, “Do I need this this to work on my vehicle?” Given that your QuickJack frames already reach the […]

Best Beginner Racecars for CHEAP | WheelHouse

– I love racing more than I love myself. And while self love is important, and mine is probably lacking, going fast is more important. You wanna go race on a shoestring budget? It can be done. Here are my picks for the best cheap cars you can buy for five grand or less, to […]

Performance Car Mods That Actually Work | The Bestest | Donut Media

Race cars are cool. We should all have a little race car in our lives. With the right mods, you can get a taste of that race car experience everyday on your way to work, in whatever car you own. This week I’m covering the best performance mods that’ll actually make your car faster and […]

Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series- Full Race -O’Reilly Auto Parts 500

>>>Ladies and gentlemen, here to give command to start the race today.>>Drivers, start your engines! >>Thanks for being a part of the pre-race show on FS1. Getting ready to roll. Let’s head upstairs with Mike joy.>>Thank you, Chris. Boy, a lot of news. Clint bowyer with that long victory drought in martinsville. Kurt Busch. Second […]