If You Don’t Have This Car Mod You’re Stupid

rev up your engines today I’m going to show you some great products I’ve been trying out now this tool cost almost nothing it’s an obd to memory saver got an amazon it was like $12.99 but man it can save you a lot of problems realize a modern car site they’re very complex under […]

5 Fastest Cars For Under $10,000!

– [Sean] What up nerds? And welcome back to the channel. Today we’re gonna change it up a little bit and we’re gonna talk about something I’m very passionate about and that’s getting the most horsepower per dollar when buying a used car. And this is my list of the top five powerhouse values on […]

BUS – STRANGE SNOWMEN – WINTER – The Long Drive Update #1 | Radex

TRDLZR – The BEST song ever about modified cars!!

So many people say my car is whack So I raise my fist and say “don’t say that” I made this beast with mightycarmods.com The moaning in the back seat, yeah that’s your mum! I’ve got enough rice to feed the Third World Nations Don’t need trade deals, nukes or invasions I’m the one car, […]

This Illegal Mod Will Make Your Car Run Better

rev up your engines today I’m gonna talk about an illegal modification that people used to do all the time on cars make them run better and that has to do with removing the EGR valve now on my matrix here it doesn’t have an EGR valve but I didn’t remove it illegally it didn’t […]

FS19 NEW MODS New Tractors 1st look Mod review fs19 farming simulator 19

hello welcome to my channel I’m Ukgamer808 and today we are looking at FS 19 new mods for farming simulator so let’s go to the mod hub and see what we’re looking at today. so the first one we’re looking at today is the fender 900 favourite a Vario bias Mette and it looks like […]

fs 19 new mods ursus 1214 & fendt 500 favorit tractor mods console fs19 mods

fs19 new mods

LGR – American Truck Simulator Review

[music: “Born in the USA”] Well, this is strange. American Truck Simulator is simultaneously one of my favorite games of 2016, and one of the biggest disappointments, as well. And I’m kind of okay with that because it’s a lot like being disappointed in a great tasting meal that’s just too small. So small that […]

How to fix car dent and get better exhaust sound | Chooligan vibes #1 episode

Hi I’m Karolis Birgilas and welcome to my new channel Chooligan vibes, dedicated for the passion of my life – the cars By the way, talking about passion, let’s face it guys Cars and sex goes hand in hand I wonder if even the brightest minds on this the planet can answer what so special […]