I Just Invented This for My Car (Going to Make Millions)

rev up your engines today since this mechanic Monday I’m gonna show you some products I found that work great and don’t cost much and as usual it’s not sponsored by anyone except the truth the first thing I’m talking about is a work light the old-style stuff simple the light bulbs in here you […]

This Noise Means Your Car is Screwed

rev your engines today by popular demand I’m gonna talk about five noises that cars can make how to find out what that noise is now to fix it we hear noises some noises tend to drive us crazy so here’s five of them they often drive people nuts now the first one is when […]

Here’s What Happens If You Touch Your Car Battery

rev up your engines now a lot of people are afraid of electricity they can’t see it they don’t understand it so I’m going to explain it very simply how it works and modern cars and stuff that you can easily do yourself this is an electrical tester it’s an odd tool bt 260 cost […]

Here’s Why the Toyota 4Runner is the Best SUV

rev up your engines today I’m gonna show how the later model toyota 4runners are the best SUVs for your money now there are a far cry from the early forerunner the early forerunner 1984 had a whopping 110 horsepower 4-cylinder engine with a carburetor on their small Toyota pickup that the added seats in […]

I Built My Own Formula 1 Car | RIDICULOUS RIDES

COMM: Mišo Kuzmanović had the idea to build a Formula 1 car from scratch, ever since he was a child. COMM: The top speed for this F1 lookalike is about 100 miles per hour – not quite fast enough to race the real thing.

I Built A Hyper Car In My Shed | RIDICULOUS RIDES

JEFF DAVID: The Quantum is a culmination of my life-long dream to build a super car. COMM: This is the Quantum GP700 and that 700 stands for both the 700 horsepower it produces and the incredibly low 700 kilos it weighs. That’s an incredible 1:1 power to weight ratio. COMM: It might look like a […]

Here’s Why Honest Mechanics Won’t Fix This Car

rev up your engines today I’m gonna show you how a diagnostic car that’s making noise when it’s running this Toyota was making a noise for the customer whenever the car was running he said it send me coming from the passenger front side by the engine here and that the car didn’t have to […]

The Truth About Car Covers

Rev up your engines, today I’m going to tell you the truth about car covers, now if you park your car under trees like I do and the birds are crapping all over the place, well you could cut down the trees but I like the oxygen and shade, so why not try a car […]

Bell trucks mechanic training video- 2019 Bell b50e & Bell b30 adt e series

we’re here at newman tractor today these particular machines the b50e and the b30e they’re all electronics they actually have more electronics on them than the space shuttle. if one of these go down we have got to be on point to get it back up and running. they lose upwards of maybe $5,000 an […]

The Only Jeep I’d Buy

rev up your engines jordania says Scotty what do you think of a 99-04 Jeep Grand Cherokee specifically the outsets 4.0 and a v8 4.7 variants okay not a Jeep fan these days but that was before fiatter taking over the company those six cylinder four liter engines can run forever I’ve seen those things […]